This technique is a form of telepathy, a by-product of Densenken’s core ability to absorb, store and redirect electricity. The human body is, in essence, a giant biochemical battery. The electrical impulses along myelin sheaths are our thought patterns. And patterns they are -- static patterns store memories, and non-static patterns contain thoughts. Densenken practitioners can distinguish both, and through extensive training they can become adept at 'reading thoughts'. Of course, this is not easy. It requires physical contact with the victim, and is rather painful for said victim. Also, the technique has very little finesse and can only read surface thoughts. When used on the dead users are able to extract the bodies residual neuro-electric energy from its neurons' synapses to create a faint outline of the deceased's or the killer's recent path.

This technique reaches its maximum potential when combined with the Radar Pulse technique. Densenken practitioners absorb and emit electromagnetic waves that make ones brain unable to tell reality from artificial reality. Sight, smell- all senses are merely electric signals the brain receives from the sensory organs. Practitioners can manipulate that through electromagnetic waves and high frequency. This allows them to alter or ignore the rules of reality through their will; their sheer desire to make things happen alters the rules of reality.

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