This move has nothing to do with sex at all. Instead it is meant to force a users ki reserves to swell in size over several weeks time. It would also increase one's strength and health. It is the foundation that the user's training is built on. This is just the beginning of their training. They aren't even taught fighting moves till their master thinks they can handle them. Few ever make it past a certain point. The second part is also a pure ki technique, but deals with several pressure points around the body. Both moves are needed to help bring the users ki under control, as they deepen their reserves and increase their control. When that happens their power will increase several times over. This technique is extremely dangerous even fatal. The second part by itself can kill you, but combined with the other technique they balance each other out nicely.

The first technique would allow the user to alter the energy around them while the second shows them how to take their ki and tie it into a loop. This would force them to use a small amount of ki, constantly draining their ki, but at a slow enough pace that it could be regained naturally or by drawing it out of the very air. There were even several suggestions on what to use the ki for. One for enhancing strength, or speed, or even the senses. It is demanded of the trainee to do them all. Each one for a few days or weeks, and eventually they will be able to do them all at once. The first technique requires trainee to slowly weave the ki around their body in a web like pattern. When the first technique is set the shift in ki will be felt instantly as their chakra will swirl through and around their body increasing their weight by five times this puts a lot of strain on the muscles. They will also feel their ki relax as the drain starts and the energy flow stabilizes.

The second technique one requires that the trainee `tie off' the weave created by the first technique, but it has be done in a very intricate way. This might take awhile; the second technique allows their ki to keep flowing even without their conscious thought. Their whole body will strain against the weight, making their muscles really stand out. This only last as long as it takes them to get used to added weight. They could then increase as time went on if they wanted to. Thus, allowing them to get stronger and stronger without over straining their body and joints. So long as they concentrate.

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