Purgatory Armor

Purgatory Armor is an incredibly powerful armor.


A most “devilish”-looking outfit. The breastplate sports a light trimming adorned by many rounded spikes, while the ones circling the high collar are much more menacing and dark, with the ones placed on the highest part being larger than the others. The massive pauldrons, composed of three plates placed one over the other, are covered in yet even larger spikes, decorated by concentric stripes which make them resemble horns, jutting outwards, and bear similarities with the ones hanging from the numerous plates which form the armor’s waistguard, with the highest ones being attached to a striped belt with a similarly spiked buckle. The gauntlets possess smaller spikes protruding backwards on their edges, and the upper parts of the arms are covered by what looks like some form of chainmail. The legs are completely covered too: the plates protecting the thighs sport rounded spikes similar to the ones on the breastplate, while the graves are adorned by the same spikes which cover the shoulder pads, with the ones jutting out from the sides of the knee guards being instead smaller and curved. When using this armor, the hair becomes styled in very prominent spikes pointing outwards in every direction, with the right eye being covered by it and a devilish shadow obscuring the upper part of the face.

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