Psyren v08 c66 - 003

A pyrokinetic ability that lets user create fire, but control over the fire is dependent on emotions. When emotions get out of control so will control over fire which can attack with a wide range attack that will boil anyone caught in range. Unless user uses burst stream to control it. When under control user can create a flame shot from one of the pyrokinetic orbs around them and attacks with great precision. Skilled users flames shots are more in the shape of a beam.


A personification made of fire that has a egg shape. It is equipped with both long and short range attacks. User can also immerse themselves within Salamandra when controlling it.


Concentrates an amount of flames toward the mouth of Salamandra and shoots the fire as a highly destructive beam. This beam is capable of traveling a large distance, being able to reach space after being fired from the ground.


Salamandra spews fire over a wide range like a wave, though moves considerably slower it is still hot enough to burn whatever is in its path.

Queen's Whips

In close range combat, Salamandra creates two flame whips one in each hand and and swings it at the enemy with strong force and fast speed.

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