Quantum Juice or "Q Juice" for short is the nickname for dequantified plasma, a unique and sometimes deadly form of plasma. (In physics, plasma is a gas-like state of matter whose particles are partially ionized. Stars and lightning are examples of plasma.) This plasma is called dequantified because it randomizes Planck's constant, the physical constant of any interaction of matter or energy at the quantum level. Thus, Quantum Juice can warp the laws of physics to induce mutations in living beings like people, who then develop metahuman abilities.

History Edit

My idea is to use Quantum Vapor from Static Shock Alva Technologies send it to . While he is testing it mutates, however the mutated strain was only 0.01% reliable though and they never succeeded when it came to human testing. 99.99% are infected within 3 minutes and it takes 5 to completely transform a human. The body decays and rots within 12 hours, but during that time the creatures follow the order of the last voice they heard. They become powerful and undead weapons. Think of the mutated strain as a combination Cursed Seal, Reverse lotus from Naruto and Titan serum from Arkham Asylum for every 10000 animals that contract the virus, 9999 turns into monsters and then quickly die. After her dad was killed for the serum his assistant came to Natsume to worn her transformed and bit the dog.

Powers Edit

Before he died Natsumi’s father was able to create a cure to both Quantum Vapor and its new mutation. He only had time enough to create two cures for the mutated strand. Later when they mixed the cure and the mutated serum together it created Quantum Juice. The resulting Q-Juice is greenish in color and unusually cold for a plasma (average temperature: 73 degrees Fahrenheit). When released into the atmosphere, the plasma resembles a green mist or gas.

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