Queen Metaria
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Dark Kingdom

Resides in

D Point


Supreme ruler of the Dark Kingdom


Queen Beryl




Aspect of Chaos

Queen Metaria is a malignant, amorphous energy being, and is the true mastermind and leader of the Dark Kingdom, having been the one who gave Queen Beryl her power.



Queen Metaria is portrayed as just an amorphous energy being.


Dark Kingdom ArcEdit

Metallia and Orichalcum were the newest among the Dark Gods, beings of immense power who sown secretly into the star and hidden by the power of Chaos. She landed on Earth and corrupted Queen Nova’s daughter, a young sorceress named Beryl. Metallia sought Beryl out and offered her, her your fondest desire. When Beryl rejected her offer Metallia forcibly possessed her and used her body to lead a revolt against the Moon Kingdom. Metaria also corrupted the Shitennou, Endymion's guardians while her mate Orichalcum corrupted the rest of earth, and the two launched an attack on the moon and the rest of Sol. The Moon Kingdom was destroyed, however, while Orichalcum was destroyed by Ranma Kuramitsu however Metallia was too far into Beryl’s soul, using her own insecurities to keep her in control so Queen Serenity was forced to use the Silver Crystal to seal away Metaria and the Dark Kingdom; Metaria was imprisoned in mini-universe in suspended animation.

By the 20th century, Metaria awakened, though she was still imprisoned. She corrupted the reincarnation of Beryl to once again serve her and to find the Silver Crystal in order to free her. The Shitennou were also reborn and corrupted to serve her. After Prince Endymion's reincarnation, Mamoru Chiba, is captured, Metaria possessed his body. With a suitable host, Metaria soon let Queen Beryl die by the hands of Sailor Venus. When Sailor Moon, the look-alike reincarnation of Princess Serenity, is forced to kill her beloved Endymion, Metelia is freed to wreak havoc; this does not last long, however, as Sailor Moon soon defeats her with the Silver Crystal via Moon Healing Escalation attack.

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