The Colony Ship Ra'leth is an alien vessel that has been trapped in the Bleed for millions of years.

The Alien Colony Ship Ra'leth arrived in the Bleed at least twenty million years ago, and like all others before and after its arrival it eventually succumbed to the hostile effects of the dimension.

Like Cydonia the mind of Ra'leth is an organic computer that  is or was a collective for millions of sapient minds, with a vast, gestalt consciousness. However its body and its systems have become almost entirely dead over the millennia. As are its individual minds. When the last of them died, Ra'leth died as well. They can not exist without her, and she can not function without them.

Ra'leth’s molecular control network is synodium based, as opposed to the T'leth molecular control network is organic. Carbon based or psionics as it is called.

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