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Planet of Origin

Daviorn Space Station

Combat Abilities

Has direct command over the Wild Horse's numerous weapons systems, as well as units 01 and 02, making the computer unofficially the most powerful of the team.

Technical/Other Abilities

Able to interface with computers of any technological construction, hack databases in seconds, and cut through encryptions, data codes, and firewalls with ease. Holds a wealth of data so vast as to be inconcievable to biological minds.

Perhaps the most vital component to Ranma's team, Rac is the sentient super-computer that allows full operation of the Wild Horse with a three-man crew (one-man, usually). While sentience and even emotions aren't anything particularly new for robots, RAC's unbelievably complex construction allows it to function on a level not even dreamed of by creators striving to create better and faster computers. Rac is Arak's finest creation, and not even HE knows exactly how the cybertronic brain functions to such a capacity. Treated more like a teammate than just an overpowered droid, Rac genuinely likes his operators and cares deeply for them (even if him and Rayden occasionally have their little spats).

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