Ranko Kuramitsu


No Need for Destiny








Ranma Kuramitsu (father)

Nabiki Kuramitsu (mother)

Ranko Kuramitsu is the youngest daughter of Ranma and Nabiki Kuramitsu. Her personality is more a mixture of what theirs had been like before their journey into the past, she was still an Art-lover like her father.


No Need For DestinyEdit

When Ranko asked to go out and spread her wings a bit before college since she didn’t have any real experience on Earth Ranma set up for her to be roommates with Makoto Kino as well as made her certified Master of Infinity School Martial Arts so that she could train Makoto in the family style. While this was mostly due to the fact that as a reborn Senshi she would be a great peer to talk to, but as well as the fact that since she looked so much like her fathers cursed form met there was a likely chance she would run into Tatewaki Kuno who she was forbidden from killing.

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