Ranma Chaotica Kuramitsu


No Need for Destiny


Chibi-Ranma, Ran








Tokimi (mother)

Washu Hakubi (aunt/step-mother)

Ranma Kuramitsu (father)

Nabiki Kuramitsu (step-mother)

Mikumo Kuramitsu (half-brother)

Mikami Kuramitsu (half-sister)

Enma (half brother)

Sealed Systems (children)

Ranma Chaotica Kuramitsu is the son of Tokimi and Ranma Kuramitsu.


Ranma Chaotica Kuramitsu was conceived when Mikumo’s birth broke the seal on Washu’s memories of being a Chousin and she Tsunami and Tokimi extended Ranma and Nabiki’s lives in payment for acts of pleasure so that they could continue there search for a higher being. Chibi-Ranma was raised by Tokimi and D3 for the first 4 years of his life  as unlike Washu’s son, he was born to a fully active goddess, which means his powers are a lot stronger, and grow much sooner than Mikumo’s will be. As such, he must be trained to handle his powers, before he could leave this temple, before he could meet his father. Ranma was born with a large amount of power which made it impossible for him to be in the third dimension. He didn’t meet his family until he was practicing the spells his mother taught him and transported Miyuki and Mikumo to Tokimi’s temple.  The two convinced Tokimi to allow Ranma to train their brother

Since Tokimi couldn’t leave until her sisters asked to be freed Ranma agreed to shared custody. Ranma trained Chibi-Ranma for about a year before enrolling his kids Willow Mountain Elementary School where there was a kidnapped attempt on them. However Chibi-Ranma’s power negated the stasis field the kidnappers used and the three were able to fight the kidnappers off.

Miyuki has repeatedly tried to set up Ranma with someone however she has awful taste in finding girls for him as they all range from incredibly kinky to out right murderous. This had put him off on relationships until he met Sailor Saturn who he saw as a kindred spirit. She was the one who gave him the idea to go by Ran as he was tired of the nickname Chibi-Ranma at his age. When Saturn died in the Great Fall Ran was devastated and had to be held back by his father from killing the possessed earth forces.

Many centuries later he and Enma attempted to speed up their loved ones reincarnation however galactic law meant that they couldn’t force Sol to move quicker in time without Jurai and Seniwa noticing. So using a fusion of technology and magic the two created two new Sol Systems in their own little dimension deep inside Seniwa space in a nebula big enough to support them and wouldn’t affect any neighboring systems. However they didn’t take into account that Serenity anchored those souls to Earth in the Sol System, so that they wouldn’t be reborn offworld and unable to return to face Metallia.

So a little less than a thousand years later while the nebula did spawned two Sol-type systems that they were left in charge of.

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