Ranma Saotome




Shampoo Saotome (wife)

Ukyo Saotome (Wife)

Ryo Saotome (Son)

Spring Saotome (Daughter)

He is almost never seen in this series, but his effect is felt by every person in the series.


Ranma is quite an interesting person, described as having a unique understanding and appreciation of self in terms of both flaws and strengths. He is an odd mix of confidence bordering on arrogance and self-mocking humility.


Ranma left his family five years ago on "business", doing field assignments for the EXALT all around the world. He has been searching for ways to heal Ryoga who was horrifically injured by Pantyhose Taro during their escape from XCOM. When Ryoga’s recovery was accomplished he helped him train for his rematch.


Ranma can easily handle several high speed cyborgs and advanced humans with very little (if any) strain. His countless hours piloting while multitasking with the EDC, the modified shields, the active and passive stealth and the weapons has allowed him to master his Sixth Sense to the point of clairvoyance.

During the years after the war, during the X-COM salvage missions Ranma aided his wife Shampoo in the creation of two martial arts styles Sōkō Geijutsu and Musabetsu Kakutō Jūnjutsu. Though he is extremely skilled in those arts it is nowhere the extent of his wife. Ranma also mastered his elemental abilities. Given the fact that his powers adapt to different environments gives Ranma much versatility in psionic usage.

Ranma taught all that he could to his children Ryo and Spring, and he also teaches the other characters he encounters including Godai who he helped unlock his Shingan which helped him grasp his father’s techniques. Ranma eventually gave Spring the Senken Scrolls and Ryo the scroll to.


Ranma represents Iwao Takatsuki

The combination of Shandra Mal's memories and the dream battle with Saffrom Trespasser forced him to go through helped him sort out his relationship problems.

Training with T-Ryoga helped his further his elemental Ki mastery.

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