Ranma Saotome




Heavy combat and containment specialist, Infiltrations and espionage expert, Martial arts expert

Combat Ability

Unparalleled. Possesses martial capabilities far above any level obtained by cybernetic augmentation. Forces opposing the DAPC have noted that genetic augmentation shows promise in replicating Saotome's astounding physical abilities.





Personal Motto

"Life isn't what you make of it. It just sorta happens. Just pray it doesn't happen to you."

Having been transferred to the DAPC after several unfortunate confrontations with his instructors, Ranma Saotome is among the most promising of the young officers working for the DA (of course, that's not saying much...). Under the impression that police work would be a fairly simple and easy career, at least concerning his school life, Ranma was rather surprised to find himself pushing his formidible combat abilities in the fight against the Freedom's Angels' cybernetic and biological weapons. With a confident personality and a healthy appreciation of his co-workers' friendship, Ranma has become very popular among the small team. Ranma has let himself slack off slightly in the years since he'd left Nerima, having only rudimentary excercises to replace any true tests of his abilities (a fact that he has yet to truly realize).

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