Ranma Saotome








Chaotic Good


Acts of nobility, a good fight, food, ego gratification, weaponry, explosives


The undead (especially vampires), dragons, the deaths of innocents, school and/or studying, overly aggressive women


Katana, Daggers, .50 cal Nighthawk

Fighting Style

Anything-Goes Martial Arts, Hyoken School of the Dragon's Flame

Combat Abilities

Very high. Precision fighter with superior speed and battle reflexes, along with considerable strength and endurance. His pure physical abilities are complemented by powerful weapon and ki manipulation skills, allowing him to destroy larger or tougher opponents with a single blow.


Flash Fyre: Wide-area ki flame barrage

Dragon Fist: A ki-based fire punch that forms the shape of a dragon's head when utilized and attacks with devastating power. It is the prized technique of the masters of the Hyoken school, and has an advanced form called Dracos Omega. Only the grandmaster of the school can perform the advanced technique

Blazing Claw: A technique that forms fire-based ki-blades around the user that follow his movements and follow his attacks

Silver Blitzkrieg: A super-fast sword technique that utilizes ki-enhanced motion to power the striking force of a blade, while striking several times in all directions or focusing on one. Unlike the crimson blitzkrieg, which the technique is modeled after, Ranma's technique offers advanced mobility to move from target to target in the midst of the attack.

Forced to live on his own for a long while, Ranma has become the very greatest example of a wandering fighter. Able to care for himself without meeting any towns or settlements for months, and fully capable of dispatching those creatures in the wastes who would seek to prove otherwise, Ranma has wandered the East for years, honing his skills and helping those in need. He has become a very effective demon hunter, but up until recently, had gained very little in the way of reputation.

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