Ranma Saotome







Planet of Origin


Combat Abilities

Extremely adept at both hand-to-hand and ranged combat, Ranma is an accomplished melee fighter and a precision marksman. His unusually sharp senses and reflexes seem to hint toward some sort of genetic or cybernetic manipulation, or perhaps an affinity for the Force that lays dormant, but if either of these hypothesis hold any truth, then Ranma is unaware of it.

Technical/Other Abilities

Well-educated in the use and maintanence of common high-level technologies, and a very skilled fighter pilot and strategist.

Ranma is the official leader of the Knights of the Dark Moon, a position that he's more than well suited for. Having a cool head, and even temper, and a sharp mind (when it comes to combat, anyway), Ranma is often a pillar of strength and calm when all else has erupted into chaos. In fact, the only time that Ranma loses his cool is when dealing with women, which, ironically, happens quite often, as his confident and somewhat caring personality quickly draw them to him. Ranma has a troubled past, which he has trouble even sharing with his crew and is heavily linked to his descension into a life of crime.

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