Ranma Saotome




Human (disputed)

Combat Rank

A (disputed)


Hand-to-hand Combat, Spider Husbandry

Transformation Class

Curse (triggered by water of varying temperature)

Ethical Disposition

Has a decent enough understanding of human morals, but seems very lax about applying them. Ranma's moral values tend to revolve around romantic notions of heroism with an unusually long tolerance for violence. Rather insensitive and human-centric.

Became the vice-captain of the Protection Committee so he could watch Tsukune's back. Ranma doesn't really buy into Tsukune's more long-term notions of reforming the school and making it a safe and productive institution (Ranma already considers Youkai Academy a lost cause), but he's grown rather fond of his friend and roommate, and would never think of abandoning the younger human to the task of hammering the school into line by himself (or with only a useless vampiress to back him up). Ranma is considered the rising star of Youkai Academy among those students that put more stock into a student's combat ability than their brains or mastery of human likeness, which is almost all of them. However, his insistence that he is a human despite his superhuman martial feats and ability to change gender sometime causes exasperation among his peers, particularly among those that want to date him or have money riding on the identification of his species.

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