Ranma Yagami







Fighting Style

Yagami Style Anything-Goes


Yami Barai - Dark Thrust: Purple fire bolt that travels along the ground

Oni Yaki - Demon Scorcher: Flaming spiral attack, primarily for air defense

Koto Tsuki In - Dark Crescent Moon Slice: Target is slammed to the ground and then blasted with fire

Shikyo Hana - Death Blossom: Fire punch attack

Kaen Kito - Flame Prayer: Fireburst attack; can block most projectiles or cancel oncoming attacks

Dokuga Gyakuten - Poison Fang Reverse: Block that stuns attackers upon contact, leaving them open for counter-attack

Akarumii Shokubai - Bright Driver: Experimental technique of breaking down matter to power flames, rather than powering flames to break down matter. Extremely volatile when used with biological matter, and very weak with incombustible, non-living matter (such as rock). This ability is unheard of among the Yagami clan and Orochi powers

Super Combos

Ya Otome - Eight Maidens: High-speed assault followed by a fiery blast

Gouka Dan - Hellfire Bomb: Massive fire projectile attack

Gouka Rippuku - Hellfire Rage: High-yield fire blast centered on user

Seikyo no Toguchi - Death's Door: Superior flame assault combo

Son of the infamous Iori Yagami, Ranma has led an eventful life, to say

the least. Though not so troubled as his Saotome counterpart, Ranma has still gone through life with few friends because of the amount of time and effort he puts into his combat training. Though his school attendence has been irregular, he's managed to keep up with his studies enough so that he doesn't have to sacrifice his training. The incident at Jusenkyou left him very uneasy, however, as well as psychologically damaged. Now that he knows the source of his power, he fears that he may not be able to contain it, and seeks to grow even stronger in an attempt to compensate for the Orochi rage within him and his curse, both of which he considers his ultimate failures.

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