This article depicts the possibilities of Ranma going through the Power Curriculum Program. Consider it as Ranma going through a far more advanced variation of what Happosai did to Hinako, Kurumi and Natsume.


There are a number of drawbacks if the writer chooses to have Ranma go through the Power Curriculum Program such while he would still be able to utilize passive ki manipulation he would lose the ability to utilize active manipulation. This means that while Ranma would still be able to get stronger and faster he would lose the ability to perform any techniques. This means that there will be no Hiryū Shōten Ha, Mōko Takabisha, no sticking to walls, no happo throw, ect. As for the Senken styles he could use the Yamasenken but not the Umisenken. While he would still have his sixth sense he won’t be able to sense ki.

The second is that becoming an esper will create and change numerous variables that will make the crossover basically an AU fanfic.


Compared to esper abilities ki attacks are relatively low level usually clocking at level 1 or level 2 the trade off is that martial artist can learn many different techniques. So Ranma’s esper ability will be categorized at either Level 3, 4 or 5 and given this is Ranma we are talking about he will most assuredly be a level five. The problem with this is that a particular object of notability of all the Level 5 Espers is a recurring instance of mental instability, be it comedic or serious. Mikoto, the first Level 5 seen in the series, has a comedic obsession with defeating Kamijou Touma, although she has been referred to as the most sane of all the Level 5s. Sogiita Gunha believes himself to be an ally of justice and purposely acts in accordance of superheroes in fiction. Accelerator, Kakine Teitoku, Mugino Shizuri, and Shokuhou Misaki all demonstrate more sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies with the willingness to hurt people on a whim, though this may be more related to their background more than anything else. However, both Accelerator and Mugino have become less violent lately because they feel guilty about all the harm they've done. Misaki has also demonstated that she does care about her friends and is willing to go out of her way to save them. Due to this, only Mikoto is the one apparently competent enough to be used as a marketing mascot or demonstrator for Academy City. Even then, it is not unheard of for any of the Level 5s to be requested for demonstration. In addition to this, many of the Level 5s are not on good terms with each other.

Because going through the Power Curriculum Program will alter his mind as well as a ki because of this he will basically be written as an AU character. However it is up to the writer chose to what extend that Ranma will be different. would the characterization be like fanfics such as Princess of the Moon, Yagami 1/2 , the various Scary Thought Fics, ect where Ranma is raised by someone else or a slightly different Genma. He’s still recognized as Ranma but has noticeably different quirks due to being raised differently. Princess of the Moon Ranma is far less tolerant of people attacking her as well as more perverted. Yagami Ranma is a bit more dickish and violent, AST Ranma is more far less assertive and generally nicer, ect. Or with Ranma’s personality change so abruptly that he is completely unrecognizable becoming Ranma in name only.

Curse  Edit

Men and woman do have slightly different brain structures so it most likely play a factor in Ranma’s personality change. The best case scenario is that it will cause a split personality this adds even more variables. Does one body have Ranma’s personality unchanged while the other doesn’t and if that’s the case which one the male body or the female. Also is the different personality AU or completely different. or are both personalities changed.

Having two different personalities introduces many possibilities which type of personality do you chose which body has which personality, ect. Its best to use Bleach as a good example for an optimal outcome of changing his personality while keeping him Ranma specifically Visored and Arrancar. Visoreds are shinigami enhanced by the presence of an inner Hollow while Arrancar are the exact opposite a Hollow enhanced by the powers of a shinigami. The split personality will be similar. One personality will be Ranma with aspects of the other while the other personality will have aspects of Ranma sort of like an expy.


The Nekoken is well-known for both its unspeakable ferocity and its potential for destruction. Its true power comes from its ability to draw into the subjects fear to achieve a state of mental savagery that allows them to go beyond their normal physical bounds. While in this state, the warrior is greatly enhanced physically, and gains access to a multitude of techniques unique to this state of mind, such as being able to create ki claws, but is subsequently rendered unable to use any advanced techniques, and is prone to cutting down both friend and foe in their blind savagery.

Since the Nekoken involves Ranma going into his cat-like state it creates a number of possibilities if he goes through the Power Curriculum Program. It is highly likely that becoming an esper while not curing his fear would prevent Ranma from entering the state as it involves altering the way his mind works. However it is just as likely to work similar the Level Upper in that it alters Ranma’s brainwaves to the pattern to that of a cat. So the Nekoken could act as a way to temporarily rise to a higher level. The second option brings in just as much variables. If Ranma is Level 3 or 4 then he would move up a level while in the cat state, but if he is Level 5 going Nekoken could ended up similar to the Level 6 Shift attempt on Misaka Mikoto.


Due to the nature of how Esper abilities work unless the writer decides to go with something completely random the ability Ranma gains will revolve around one of the many techniques he knows.

Story BreakerEdit

These are abilities that due to there nature won’t prevent Ranma from using Ki Manipulation. While he would most likely have trouble relearning the techniques and wont be able to perform them with the same fluidity for awhile he would still be able to use them such as how Accelerator is able to use magic.

AIM StalkerEdit

This ability would be an extension Ranma’s ability to sense ki. The AIM Stalker allows the esper to record and store the AIM field of other espers and track them down even at great distances. Without going the program Ranma would be able to accomplish this it would take prolonged exposure to espers with different abilities before he can tell the subtle differences between their AIM and how their abilities work and he also wouldn’t be able to track individual espers. Rikou herself boasts that as long as she recorded their AIM dispersion fields she can track them down even if they were to leave the solar system. The ability also allows Rikou to accurately gauge the distance and direction of the target.

This is what will allow Ranma to manipulate his ki as he would gain instinctive knowledge of the differences between the AIM Fields work so it would just be a matter of remembering how the techniques work. Though it would depend on his level how difficult it would be to relearn and master with level 3 being extremely difficult and level 5 being incredibly easy.  

Takitsubo's Rikou could only use her ability when she is overloaded however prolonged usage of her power eventually tires her out and has worn her body down to the point where she will collapse and become seriously ill if she uses it again. Giving Ranma’s physical ability taxing of his body seems so unlikely. So instead of him only being able to use his ability when overloaded which overtaxes him its best to go with the complete opposite by focusing on sensory overload. Ranma will follow the progression of someone who is able to sense ki. Depending on his level to he will either be a master level ki sensor, will gain Shingan or cosmic awareness.

In level 3 he would be a master ki sensor the kind you usually see in blind masters like Sara from Samurai Champloo. Ki sensing of this level is a very acute ability to use ambient ki energies to sense changes in the movement of the environment around oneself. User senses the flow of ki around them through their connection to it. If the flow of ki around user changes, the flow of their own energies also changes relaying this information to the brain. Changes in the pattern of the ki warns user of approaching danger or indicates the location of objects outside their range of vision. The more powerful and/or concentrated a person’s aura is the easier it is for user to follow their movements. Particularly skilled user’s can focus on a specific individual and sense their location, and use the reserves of their life force to accurately determine their strength and skill level.

In Level 4 he would gain extraordinary sensory input in regards to energy, demonstrating a highly acute level spiritual awareness like Akira from Samurai Deeper Kyo. He would be able to detect the subtle vibrations, wavelengths, the ebb and flow of energy as it propogates through the world. Basically he can look beyond the form, and see the complex network of energy matrices and force lines that fill the air like waves of heat or magnetism. Its like a painting. What you see are the flowers, people, ect in the painting but these are just separate colors fused together to form a unified hole. He would be able to perceive the colors the white of the wind, the yellow of the sun light. So his senses are so precise, that he can detect the presence of spiritual beings, the use of supernatural abilities, and even the presence of magic as it is cast within a vast area. Ranma wouldn’t need to see because he could feel. Use the flow of and echo of air to interpret the situation. He could discern minute details about a person or object by "reading" their presence, and accurately describe their movements from the smallest of gestures such as a raised eyebrow, to detailed accounts of an entire battle.

Level 5 would be Cosmic Awareness which happens when someone regains their sight after achieving Shingan giving them the sensation of oneness with the universe. This enhanced consciousness enables a mind to perceive information that is closed to the five physical senses. What we see with our eyes are nothing more then objects and forms, mere reflections of light that inform the brain of their existence through electrochemical interaction. In reality you are not seeing them at all, merely receiving sensory information that formed an audio-visual pattern in the mind like a reflection of the world inside of a mirror. Mere sensualism is not a proper way to describe the harmony of the world, nor could it tell one of the it’s living essence. They are not quantifiable things, and as ineffably qualifiable as they are their value to the individual are not the same thing as their value to the Cosmos. He could look beyond the form, beyond the impression to the reality that underlay them. All physical matter is but transitional energy. Atoms form when Quantum energy is shaped by a universal constant into a static field. Basically its like the Bakusai Tenketsu only instead of temporarily shifting his view to find the breaking point while powered by he would be able to permanently see the complex network of energy matrices and force lines that make of the world. He would be able to see energy in its rawest form. So basically instead of his eyes reflecting light and his ears and skin sensing vibrations they reflect ki. He would able to see the faint flows of air and shifts in temperature granting him a perfect field of 360 degree vision and sensation. Furthermore unlike the Bakusai Tenketsu he could use this on humans. He would be able to see small cracks in the bones, tears in the muscles the weaknesses that skilled and experienced warriors have learned to ignore but are still there none the less.

For level 4 and 5 to prevent sensory overload Ranma would wear something similar to Accelerators Calculation assistance device or a Low-frequency vibration therapy equipment that works similar to Capacity Down. So while its on Ranma’s sensory input will be reduced down to one level. i.e if he is level 5 his senses would be reduced to the level of someone who has achieved shingan. While if he is Level 4 his sensory input would be reduced to a master sensor. The reason sensory overload is a good idea is that its pretty much a given that Ranma is trained in blind fighting but nothing in the series shows that he is a master of it. So he wouldn’t yet have the mental capacity to handle such a drastic increase to his senses without training. 

It’s important to remember that the increased ki senses is just a by product of AIM Stalker ability to record and store the AIM field of other espers and track them down. AIM Stalker also has a number of potential abilities such as being able to take control of the powers of other espers through reversing the flow of their AIM dispersion fields allowing Ranma to strengthen them and send them out of control.  He would also have the possibility of using others’ AIM diffusion fields to distort their Personal Realities. This is just Level 4 Level 3 would just be limited to recording and tracking. However if Ranma becomes the 8th-ranked Level 5 his AIM dispersion field would be able to use as an intermediary to freely control other espers' Personal Realities.

As Personal Realities are the source from which espers powers and phenomenon are brought into the real world, controlling it would not only mean increasing or decreasing an esper's level, it would also mean he could give different kinds of powers to anyone, switch powers between espers, or remove esper powers all together. Not only would using multiple abilities be possible but he would also be able to do it freely at any place he wanted to.

Destiny WarpingEdit

Ranma considered himself, above all other things, to be adaptable. If one asked him what his best trait was, they could get any one of dozens of answers, ranging from "all of them" to "how incredibly awesome I am," but if one actually sat down with Ranma and got him to take the question seriously, he'd mention how he was able to eventually overcome any obstacle or acclimate to any conditions.

There was really no other explanation for his life. Despite his general distaste for his curse, he'd learned to use it to his advantage when he could and manage the fallout on the many occasions in which it screwed him over. Soon he was content enough with his condition that he didn't even pursue a cure unless it practically fell into his lap.

Other individuals might have gone crazy with the assortment of violently jealous women fighting over them, or the even more jealous rivals fighting desperately for the girls' affections. At the very least, they would have been spurred to resolve the situation in some way, either to relieve themselves of the constant hardship or to finally conclude the brutal, overdramatic tug-of-war over their affections.

Ranma took it all in stride, rarely acting, and constantly reacting. No matter what anyone threw at him, he would beat it or just get used to it. No matter how difficult his situation, he bent but he would not break.

Actually, that wasn't entirely true; there was one, and only one, creature that was capable of snapping Ranma's near-impenetrable psyche. The dreaded housecat was a terrifying and lazy creature, evil-minded and adorable with a sadistic penchant for inflicting pain and lapping up attention. Ranma well knew the dangers of the beast, not that anyone else ever listened to him, and went to great lengths to avoid the creatures.

Which was why he found listing every nation's capital he could think of while standing right next to a big, woman-shaped one so disconcerting.

This ability is based off of Ranma’s unwillingness to ever give up and keep going on will power alone, his ability to figure out how advanced martial arts techniques work by seeing them only once, as well as the general philosophy of the Anything Goes Style. I also suspect that that this is Sogiita Gunha’s ability. It revolves around the basic concept of Personal Reality in that it works works similar to the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics the entire natural world is created only by our acknowledging its existence. Ranma’s inner belief will allow him to consciously overcome and change any destiny. His will alone will allow him to be able to be stronger than anyone else sort of like a combination of probability, willpower and reality warping.

Dark MatterEdit

Dark Matter (Migen Busshitsu (Dāku Matā), lit. "Unknown Matter"), is his esper ability which allows them to create and control an unknown material that he uses to attack. It should be noted that the term "Dark Matter" is not to be confused with the true "Dark Matter" which is among the components of the universe. In addition, 'unknown matter' here does not mean matter that has not been discovered by humans but matter that did not exist until it was created by esper.

This ability is based off of the basic concept of Ki energy in that it is that it's all around you. It shapes you, molds you, makes you a part of everything, it flows through you to everything around you. The air you breathe, the ground you step upon, the fluids in your body, the fire in your spirit...they're all the same thing, just different expressions. However ki is so much more then that. You think the world is made of Solids, Fluids and Gasses...but they're really all one and the same thing! You keep thinking there's a separation. Warriors draw on it every time they focus their battle aura. It's not just all around you--IT IS YOU! You are energy expressed in form. If you want to change the direction and flow of that energy, you simply change its expression.

What this ability does is grant esper the ability to dissolve the boundaries between imagination and reality, effectively making their mind the basis for the whole fight. It allows for the user to actually give a solid form to the energy around them, forming various items and weapons suiting the desire of the user as long as he has enough spiritual energy to create and sustain it. The possibilities are nearly endless Before being torn apart by Accelerator, an "unprecedented power" expanded within Teitoku which was the knowledge he is literally connected to the building blocks of the universe. Thus the most basic aspect of this ability despite its level is that it will give Ranma a monstrous amount of ki reserves to access whenever he wants to condense, emit, alter and otherwise manipulate.  

Similar to Happosai’s Battle Aura technique he could sheath his body in ki to make a larger version of himself and since the Dark Matter can apparently also be invisible he could manifests an invisible "exoskeleton" that acts as a highly effective body armor, making Conventional attacks are useless. Also similar to Susanoo from Naruto the exoskeleton could be shaped into rudimentary forms, such as a clawed hand or a hammer-like bludgeon with which he can grip or strike with considerable force.  He could imitate Telekinesis by creating arms or ropes made of ki. For an example of the possibilities think of Himitsu from Just Wont Die Naruto.

That’s not even half of it the esper can shape the energy into any form he desires Kakine Teitoku created six angelic wings granting him the power to fly, blow powerful gusts of wind that is affected by Dark Matter, and have sunlight pass diffract upon it to form harmful rays of light. When fighting Kinuhata Saiai, he was also able to utilize his ability to create a strange explosion which is able to instantly knock Saiai out. He also learned to run his Dark Matter in an area's surface, to obtain information of past events, like a powerful form of Psychometry. Moreover, through the use of Dark Matter, he can give them shape. It is like a CD where individual tracks refer to each unique information gathered. With this simile, it would be like he can allow the shape to "play" the track that was gathered by him.

This ability also makes you effectively immortal after his death Kakine was able utilize the knowledge that all matter was just energy expressed in form to create a perfect body that eliminated the majority of human weaknesses. It is anatomically identical to a normal humans it contain all organs and is somewhat vulnerable to attacks. However if regular humans are carbon based life forms then the his is energy based. Ranma should also be able transform matter back into its basic energy and use it. This could be incredibly deadly as he could instantly drain a person’s entire life force causing their body to crumble into dust.

As for limitations that could be focused on the raw power he is able to excerpt as well as the calculation abilities that go along with it. Lets say level 3 would be comparable to Herb but his calculation ability would basically be what it would be if he already had the ability. So the basic raw ki energy and the ability to solidify it and wield it as a weapon but none of the advanced stuff utilized by Kakine so what he could do would be entirely up to his imagination. His physical body could also take so much energy so absorbing would be dangerous. Level 4 would be comparable to Saffron while Level 5 would be comparable to Saffron if he had completed the birthing process. Their calculation abilitiy would be similar to the Sharingan.


These are abilities that while depending on their level would be powerful but would also prevent Ranma from using Ki Manipulation. Some of these abilities might seem similar to the ones seen in Story Breaker the difference being that the abilities under Story Breaker have little to no adverse effects to Ranma’s ability to use ki while these abilities out and out replaces that ability.


Derived from the French clair, meaning "clear", and voyance, meaning "vision", in the real world, it is referred to as the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses. The term is used to refer to the transfer of information that is both contemporary to, and hidden from, the clairvoyant. Unlike telepathy, that gains information directly from an external source.

It is actually similar to how AIM Stalker is just an extension of the ability to sense ki with a level 3 esper being someone who as mastered the ability a level 4 being someone who has achieved Shingan and so on. Clairvoyance works on the same principle only for the Sixth Sense. When someone has mastered blind fighting through their Sixth Sense it means they have learned to internally link it with their reflexes, kinesthesia and proprioception allowing them to exclude all extraneous movements and focus solely on the enemy’s presence. Enabling them to evade, dodge, and avoid almost any form of danger, no matter how fast, subtle, or sudden it may be. This allows them to avoid attacks using the least amount of energy necessary. Take Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach or Paul Wan from Get Backers. However reaching the next stage to Clairvoyance means that the person  has achieved something similar to x-ray vision, allowing them to see hidden things such as concealed weapons as well as sense absolutely everything around them completely replacing their eyes.

However the ability to use the eyes to "see through" objects is only a basic ability of Clairvoyance. As seen with Yuan from Samurai Deeper Kyo Clairvoyance has a number of abilities associated with it and once the esper moves past Level 3 they will gain them:

  • scrying: to use objects to view distant events or persons. Though this can be blocked by a strong sealing spell.
  • sight sharing: to view another user of clairvoyance sight.
  • 1st person perception: to see things via another person's eyes.
  • 3rd person perception: to see yourself or others from a narrator's perspective.
  • Self Perception: The power to alter the perception of oneself.

The difference between Level 4 and 5 would be the distance that the esper could scry as well as the strength of their sight


This ability will be an extension of the Soul of Ice. It will allow the esper to converts the latent thermal energies in and around their body into ki lowering their external and internal body temperature, projecting intense coldness from their body to freeze things, and generate winter-like weather conditions. The esper can use this ability to freeze any local air moisture into super-hard ice. This ice can be formed into any object of their choosing: the only limitations are their own imagination, their skill as a sculptor, the amount of available moisture, and the ambient air temperature which determines how long the ice sculpture will stay icy. Also since the esper can simply direct the waves of coldness they project they do not have to hold the ice physically with his hands in order to shape it. The coldness of the ice should be determined by the level the esper is. Level 4 allows the esper to mentally overrides the hypothalamus using ki allowing the body temperature and the surrounding temperature to be lowered to Absolute Zero. By doing this the esper can project cold that not only stops molecules, but completely destroys them. Finally Level 5 espers will gain a chill that far surpasses that produced by a Level 4 esper allowing them to produce ice that is virtually unmeltable. This deepest of freezes will disable its victims sub-dermal cells and rob them of all feeling. Even as they freeze and die they will feel no pain whatsoever.

The lower the temperature the esper can produce will provide a number of different things that the esper could do based off of their level. The most basic is that is that the body of the esper will be naturally more durable to enable it to handle such low temperatures. So a level 3 esper would be similar to Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail. Level 4 espers can drop the temperature to absolute zero, which is impossible by natural means, causing quantum effects; due to freezing at such otherwise impossible levels, breakdowns at atomic levels and superconductivity occur. Cold Immunity provides no defense against this ability and thawing of ice is more difficult, if not impossible. The Hiryū Hyō Toppa actually works on a similar principle using the Gekkaja and flames produced by Saffron to squeeze a channel of cold air into a razor's edge. This froze Saffron's lower body into ice which quickly fragmented from his frame. The only way Safrron was able to survive was the fact that his form of immortality creates an entirely new body with new cells. Level 5 esper would be similar to Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill and could freeze anything, from tangible targets, to intangible energy such as fire, or concepts such as time.


Specifically this ability is based off the Puppet Grip technique where Ranma clings to his opponent's back, then manipulates their arms like a puppet. But mainly based off of Ranma’s extremely manipulative nature.  This ability will be similar to Shokuhou Misaki’s Mental Out in that it will grant Ranma a type of type of prescience that allows him to empathically control, manipulate and alter the feelings, sensations, and emotions of others, feel the emotions of others, read thoughts, see memories, and see events of the past though touch or simple will. However where as her powers (and that of Mitsuari Ayu's Mental Stinger) are derived from her control of the secretion of chemicals in the target's brain via the control of blood distribution, cerebrospinal fluid, and others, in the brain. Instead of controlling bio-electricity directly, she changes its conductive efficiency by controlling the fluid that acts as a catalyst for the electricity to flow through. Furthermore, Misaki's method of reading minds without relying on another person's brain is likely also related to moisture. Ranma’s ability will be similar to an AIM Diffusion Field Resonance which is why I call it Konjo Shoaku (Emotional Control).

For Level 3 the main ability will be Marionette when the espers AIM field resonates with other espers with other espers or even the general aura of someone it will allow them to mess around with the qualities of it. The esper overwhelms the victims' consciousness while placing their mind in command, operating the victims bodies as if they were an extension of the esper’s own experiencing what the subject's senses perceive. In addition to controlling a target's actions the esper can dominate the wills of others allowing the esper to completely shut down the victims minds, making it appear as if time has stopped. They can also force others to exceed their limits either making them stronger, faster and more durable and like the Level Upper cause them to gain abilities or enhance current ones, dissolves an esper's concentration in an attempt to weaken their abilities, or induce RSPK Syndrome causing instantaneous, but temporary, unconsciousness in the target.

However while Level 3 espers can’t fully control multiple people or higher level espers they can distort their focus, changing the trajectories of incoming attacks either physical or esper. They can also instead of completely shutting down the victims minds cause hypnosis and sensory paralysis, momentarily stunning them and making the esper’s movements appear immediate. Finally resonance allows the esper to absorb the pain of others into their own body in order to induce rapid regeneration and healing for them and can heal themselves by going into a trace of emotional calm.

The greater the level the greater the resonance thus providing more and stronger abilities. Instead of AIM Diffusion Field Resonance Level 4 will work similar to a Brainwave network providing the esper with quasi-telepathic abilities. Empathy is the ability to be able to sense any and all feelings, emotions, and desires from any individuals that are present within a specific distance from the individual. Either through focus or automatically the user simple “sees” through a person’s heart. Even without speaking aloud user’s able to know what any person is thinking in other words they’re the best thief. Rather than penetrate a mind, it’s actually more like naturally receiving thoughts. User hears whatever a person is thinking of saying as actual speech. Strong thoughts are like shouts, unfocused ones are like whispers. Not everything is sent over. User only knows what a person is thinking on the surface they can’t hear anything deeper than that.

The user can completely interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others without reading apparent symptoms, allowing them to understand introverts or discover one emotion is actually hiding another. They can attack someone in a personal and emotional way since they know exactly what emotion is flowing through themselves and can use this knowledge to play against them; entering their mind and manipulating them by giving them false experiences, making it seem as if they were doing things of their own free will. The victim is entirely unaware that they are being manipulated.

Level 5 espers can synchronize with the spirits of all things allowing them to affect a person's destiny. The esper get back, replace, or destroy someone's memories, heal mental trauma, stimulate or deaden the pain and pleasure centers in a person's brain, look into their past or present, finding out everything they want to know about them, extraction of any information the target possesses, changing a person's personality, willpower and revelation, turn their brain into a vegetative state, or make them believe that they died.

Since the esper is able to control all of the brain functions they can also control a persons perception of time and thus enabling time last for as long as the esper makes it seem. What may be minutes or even second in reality may be a week or even a lifetime to the victim. The esper can also affect the target through physical sensations shared between them and by combining these two they can create an infinite loop of events that entraps the opponent's consciousness within an arbitrary moment of their choosing. They can force someone to relive the same minute, hour, day, year, ect for as long as the esper keeps them there. 

Since Empathy works similar to an AIM Diffusion Field Resonance or Brainwave Network Level 5 espers can merge the AIM Field they are connected with together and project a psychic copy of their body similar to Kazakiri Hyouka’s Counter Stop. This projection can work even over great distances, allowing the user to essentially be in two places at once. However the tangibility of the projection is based off of the number of espers around. While in Academy City the amalgamation of AIM creates a body that physically interact with people and objects in the same way as Kazakiri Hyouka i.e it is indestructible, as it will be able to recreate any damage done to it and lift objects several times it own weight only the body will use Ranma’s consciousness and not one uniquely created. Anywhere else and it is just an intangible hologram. Using around mages and ki masters used allow for a more physical projection just not to the extent of the one he can in Academy City. The creation and maintenance of this alter-ego is very taxing so can’t be kept up for long.

Instead of projecting there consciousness the esper can focus the amalgamation of AIM to construct psionic weapons that damage a target either physically, mentally or both. Once again the strength of the weapon depends on the number of espers around. At lower levels the esper can function to disrupt neural pathways and at its highest level, the weapons that can pierce through armor or damage the target mentally or physically on contact.

The esper is able to see events of the past though touch or simple will by reading emotional imprints left into the environment or objects. As well as receive precognitive flashes of the future when exposed to extreme emotions. The esper can use this to predict an opponent's moves shortly before they make them, thereby making the attack much easier to evade with enough skill. This prediction appears to the esper as an image or brief "premonition" of what the opponent will do, and the damage the esper will take if the attack actually "hits". It appears that the more killing intent the enemy has, the easier they are to predict.


Where Dark Matter is based off of the basic concept of Ki energy this ability is based off the concept of Ki Manipulation. Ki is shaped by the mind and emotions, it expresses the will. Materialize (,Shinen Tsukai (Materiaraizu), lit. "Thought User") is a mind-related esper power that allows the esper to channel the power of form and mind to cause what others term as illusion. Such illusions could not only take on the aspect of real life but have a substance and solidity that could conceivably kill if employed at full level.

Materialize is really all just a matter of understanding the principles of the Universe and how they operate. The esper’s illusions have form and substance, and if they wanted to make them deadly then they could forge a sword that could cut through steel, or a spear that would go right through battleship armor. Mainly the thing to keep in mind is that all illusions work on the power of your beliefs. The esper’s belief in their illusions is what gives them a solid structure, and once they lock them into a mold they maintain a self-belief in their own existence. It's not the same as being real iron or steel, or having a soul for that matter, but if the esper believes them good and hard then their ability to cut through objects depends on its resistance factor and if the belief of whatever they hit is stronger or not.  Armor plate, after all, has the belief of the blacksmith who forges it fused into the metal helping to reinforce its structure, so if esper’s belief is stronger than the armor. Basically the greater the level the greater the calculation ability possessed by the esper thus allowing them to create more complex illusions.


This ability is based off the Senken styles that were originally intended for robbery and burglary. Snatch is Ban’s ability from Nanatsu no Taizai. Snatch, is an ability that enables its wielders to "rob" physical objects and the abilities of other creatures, without making any actual or direct contact. "Robbing" objects seems to have the effect of stopping the particular object's motion, and also allows the wielder to grab and pull it; such an ability can be used to stop the usage of equipment during a battle. One drawback is that while the weapons themselves become unusable, techniques that do not require motion are not restricted. Wielders are also able to basically steal the physical abilities of their opponents, including speed, stamina and raw strength, and add it to their own, thus strengthening themselves, and weakening their opponents. The amount of strength esper can steal is limited as their body can only contain so much before it reaches its maximum capacity.


This will be a full on replacement for Ranma’s ability to manipulate Ki. Telekinesis (,Nendōryoku (Terekineshisu), lit. "Telekinetic Force") is the unseen power to move objects from a distance. Since Ki Manipulation is all a matter of will and mind so the power to isn’t a bad trade. It is one of the most common abilities in Academy City and is the basis for many esper abilities that are on "controlling/manipulating making upper level telekinetics incredibly versatile.

Level 3 would just be basic Telekinesis for Ranma. He would able to telekinetically move, levitate, control, and manipulate solid matter, people, and inanimate objects with a mere thought up to what he could physically carry so around 20 to 40 tons. His only limit would be the number of objects he could freely control and manipulate at the same time as well as his range. Since Wannai Kinuho is also a level 3 so her ability's maximum range of 18 meters is a good fit. He can use this to various effects. While maybe not actual flight he should be able to levitate himself telekinetically to an extent. This would allow him to do his high-jumps. He would also be able to create telekinetic shields of various sizes and strength

At first Ranma would find that using his telekinesis in forceful ways was easier than in delicate ways. Using his telekinesis to increase both the destructive capability and range of one of his punches at incredible speeds changing his punch from being a close range attack to being one that could be used long range, would be easy than levitating a pencil across a room. This would be a problem with focus as the movement of smaller substances is a lot harder to do as it requires a great deal of precision and control. So at first he would end up doing things like blowing holes in the floor while picking up a paper clip, knocking Rockslide through a wall. However just like any technique he has mastered displaying further control over fine matter. It might be interesting to have Ranma once he gets his hands on the more intricate levels of Telekinesis use hand gestures in conjunction with telekinetic feats as a way to help him to direct the power.

Level 4 Telekinesis is where this ability will really start to replace Ranma’s ki manipulation as he will gain the ability to manipulate pure telekinetic force. This allows him to do use most of his techniques only instead of using ki he would use telekinetic energy instead. However he couldn’t perform techniques the umisenken since erasing ones presence is more telepathic then telekinetic. But he would be able to fire blasts of telekinetic energy or produce a battle aura as a powerful telekinetic extension of himself. While Ranma’s physical limit won’t be increased the number of objects he will be able to freely control and manipulate at the same time as well as his range would be.

He will also gain mastery of the more intricate aspects of Telekinesis allowing him to control people's bodies telekinetically, forcing them to move like puppets. Though only in numbers so he will have trouble incapacitating more than two opponents at a time. He will also be able to change telekinetic energy into tools, objects, weapons and other items for almost any situation, creating anything he needs. The constructs will work similar to how Vectors work in Elfen Lied as well as Psylocke’s Telekinetic Katana in that the amount energy placed in them when created determines their abilities. at its lowest intensity they can go through objects without causing physical interference while the highest are explosively powerful.

Due to his very fine level of control Ranma will be able to use his powers on his own body. Augmenting his condition using telekinetic influence, allowing him to increase his strength, durability, agility and healing. Like with Mitsuki he could put himself into a "cryogenic stasis" if ever severely injured. Taking it a step further by using a more precise application of his telekinetic aura he could cloak himself just above his skin enhance his speed, strength, agility and other fighting skills. It would also give him a degree of invulnerability similar to Accelerator by deflecting solid objects the moment they make contact with the telekinetic energy. Finally he will gain the ability to simulate flying.

In Level 5 Ranma’s range and number will once again increase as well as his strength and control. He could disassemble complex devices explosively (separating every last component, such as screws, nuts, circuit boards, etc.), and just as quickly and easily assemble complex devices. His ability is refined enough that he will start to be able to mimic other esper abilities. Such as telekinetically manipulating the movement of water and other liquids to a degree appear similar to Hydro Hand he could also to cause movement in the air or with the wind similar to Aero Shooter. More difficult use of his ability at this level would be Pyrokinesis using his telekinesis to channel the Earth's magnetic field through the electro-current of his brain and generate electromagnetic pulses. He could telekinetically move the chemicals in someone's brain to mimic Mental Out. Essentially Level 5 is where all of Ranma’s ki abilities are replaced not just most of them. Ranma could do things like use his telekinesis to bend light around his body and become invisible, phase through solid matter by mentally shifting his molecules around another object's as he moves forward, manipulate dust particles and water vapor to refract lightwaves and create holograms, and even heal himself and others

Aero ShooterEdit

Aero Shooter (Fūryoku Tsukai (Earo Shūtā), lit. "Wind Power User") is an ability that is pretty self explanatory the Saotome branch of Anything Goes Martial Arts specializes in aerial combat. When you combine Ranma’s commonly performed feats of acrobatics with the Hiryu Shoten Ha and Aerokinesis is the perfect ability for him. This would also make him a natural foil to Misaka Mikoto as air can be used to insulate electricity.

Level 3 will allow Ranma to manipulate the wind around him at will, but not generate it himself. At this level Aero Shooter will grant Ranma high offensive power, allowing him to assault enemies in different ways: the most prominent aspect lies in the ability to give the wind cutting properties, manifesting it in the form of fast-moving aerial blades which are employed at mid-to-long range. However wind and vacuum blades are only the basics of this ability as Kihara Gensei who was also a Level 3 while utilizing his Multi-Skill showed. Ranma will also be able to generate powerful pressurized blasts of air and strong winds to inflict blunt damage upon enemies and send them flying away from him.

While mainly offensive this level also has supportive and defensive abilities. It can be used as a levitation aid to hover off of the ground a few feet using air currents. Ranma could still jump high and far by riding on strong gusts of wind and can slow or deflect falls by creating cushions of air and even make air footholds by compressing the air. He will be able to enhance his movement in battle; he can run swiftly by decreasing air resistance around him and even sprint across or run up vertical surfaces by generating a wind current behind himself to propel him forward. Ranma’s wind based speed has a limit, as he cannot exceed the speed of the wind itself. However, his own speed will more than make up for this flaw. Ranma will also be able to create a shield of wind to deflect attacks.  This would be rarely to stop attacks directly and more often be used to push the attack aside and away, altering its trajectory. The best comparison to the level is the basic level of Airbending. Also the calculation of level 3 will make it so Ranma wouldn’t be skilled enough to use Aero Shooter through simple will so like his ki techniques many abilities will require gestures with one or both hands.

Level 4 will grant Ranma the ability to generate wind as well as the ability to bend the very air around him. This will greatly increase his abilities allowing him to shape and manipulate air and all forms of wind from tornadoes, hurricanes, vertical drafts, micro-bursts and other devastating forms of wind. His ability to solidify the air will rise enough that in addition to being able to create blade, blast and footholds by compressing the air Ranma will be able to create tools, objects, weapons, and armor out of air. Increasing air pressure will allows him to pierce and crush things in his surroundings and even produce destructive shockwave. He will also gain more subtle skill like disrupting the equilibrium of others with compressed air, removing oxygen from the air around him, or introduce oxygen into a locked, airtight room.

This will also increase his defensive abilities as well, as he will be able to circulate the high force winds around himself or an extended area to protect himself and/or others from attacks or create vacuums by removing all air out of the area. His supportive abilities will be enhanced as well. Ranma will be able to propel himself forward at great speed by negating the effect of wind resistance. His sixth sense will be aided by the ability to feel air currents and the vibrations in the air. With training he will gain enough finesse with his ability to produce shockwaves to amplify small vibrations in the air and draw far-off sounds to his ears. By generating a current of wind below him, Ranma will be capable of lifting himself high up in the air and remain suspended. Such ability can be used for a variety of purposes: he could fly around freely at high speed, cross long distances in short times, remain out of enemy's range and evade their blows, as well as reach otherwise unreachable places. Ranma will be able to hide his presence by negating sound by keeping air still or using the wind to reflect light in order to camouflage himself. The best comparison to the level is the master and Avatar level of Airbending.

Level 5 evolves Aero Shooter to limited Atmokinesis Ranma will be able to surround himself ina pocket of air as the very atmosphere is projected from him. A mere walk from him could generate a vacuum so strong it could cut people like knives and render them unconscious or literally cut people into pieces until nothing remains and every trace of the body is erased. Gentle and warm, but frightening. By manipulating air molecules through endomorphism Ranma could produce any kind of image of his choice. Manipulate sound by controlling the air molecules' vibrations, and even create, shape and manipulate vibrations themselves by controlling air molecule movements.

What makes this level so dangerous is its ability to utilize the various gases present within the atmosphere to imitate other esper abilities. While maybe not full on pyrokinesis by forcing volatile elements to ignite via friction he should be able to cause matter to burst into flames and explode. He could also use this to create static electricity which high speed wind friction creates, and even manipulate it by manipulating atoms in the air to make necessary ionization. By rapidly raising and lowering the air pressure Ranma could create a fireless explosion from massive forces of devastation to precise strikes caused by the sudden inflow of air. With training and skill he could cause a cave-in by increasing external air pressure, and even manipulate the internal air pressure inside a person’s body to crush and shatter organs. by manipulating the atmospheric pressure in front of him. He should also be able to generate explosive and propulsive energy via nitrogen so it would be more similar to Bomber Lance than Offense Armor. Though he could probably utilize Shock Absorber similar to Ringo from Air Gear.

Ranma can super compress the air so that the constructs he creates unlike in Level 4 are nearly invisible solid structures that are extremely dense so hit with a powerful concussive force. Like with Accelerator he can also use this to create plasma. He will have more subtle skills like purifying theair by removing hazardous molecules, or oxidizing a target to make it corrode or rot. In specialized scenarios like if he ends up fighting a majin Ranma could manipulate solar winds or even distorts the geomagnetic field of the planet creating a localized Geomagnetic storm. He would only be able to do this if the surface to the upper atmosphere is exposed so that means he would have to be fighting someone strong enough to do that he couldn’t do it himself. The best comparison to the level is the Mumyou Jinpuu Ryuu Satsu Jin Ken from Samurai Deeper Kyo and Paul Wan from Getbackers.

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