Rasetsu Kamage
Wrathful Tranquility
Aliases Rasetsu Kamage
The Last Kamage
The Son of Hatred
The Foretold Destructor
The God of Martial Arts
The Dragon Overvied
Residence Kamage Clan Imperial Castle
Birthplace Todou Japan
Birthdate August 31
Age 20
Family Kamage Clan
Occupation Martial Artist
Species Demigod
Curse Many
Fighting Style Many
Skills Countless
Attacks Numerous
Love Interest Maya Natsume
Loved By Maya Natsume
Affiliations Masataka Takayanagi
Bob Makihara
Rivals Mitsuomi Takayanagi
Shin Natsume
Souhaku Kago
Manga Debut Chatper 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
English voice actor Liam O'brien
Japanese voice actor Hiroki Yasumoto
Live Action actor Gackt

Rasetsu Kamage(羅刹, Kamage Rasetsu) Is a fanon character created for multiple universes, or rather, a multiverse and alternate reality created from subjects and fictional beings that are touched upon by jim bader or the jim bader and ranma fanon wiki in general. He is a powerful being inspired mostly by Dragon Ball Z and Tenjou Tenge. Rasetsu was the reincarnation of Kagaseo, who is The Deity of The Primordial Void, and, most prominently, The God of Martial Arts. He has since transformed into not only a complete and perfect reincarnation of Kagaseo, but a transcendant being which far exceeds the previous god of martial arts. Rasetsu is the youngest member of the rare and dwindling Kamage Clan of legendary martial artists. He is said to be the reincarnation of Kagaseo, whom was the ancestral progenitor responsible for the creation of The Kamage Clan and the legendary Asura whom as strewn throughout ancient history before the times of human prosperity. He is the only son of Genra and Michiko Kamage. He is acknowledged by those whom have followed, looked up, to, and even trained him in the past as "The Strongest Warrior in All of Creation" due to his seemingly limitless pool of underlying potential to understand, decipher, and evolve far beyond his original limitations at any given time.


At first glance, Rasetsu is acknowledged by countless female characters throughout the seires, and "certain" male characters, as the single most physically and sexually attractive being that they have ever laid their eyes on. Rasetsu, thanks to his looks has effectively charmed his way into the *redacted* of countless different females throughout the course of the saga, whether it be for his own goals, to obtain information which would otherwise go completely over his head, or simply as an act of hobbie. His ability to seduce members of the opposite sex is uncanny, even going so far so as to have *redacted* with women who are either sure they are playing for the same team, or anything else that may cause them to be profoundly difficult to engage in erotic activity. Rasetsu himself is humble about his appearance and has never actually mentioned the fact his astounding masculinity and physical attraction is obviously far above and beyond other males of the series. Rasetsu is an easily bishonen male who seems to bare the key characteristics of an "Uke" in any relationship. His exceedingly tall, towering head and shoulders over fully grown adult men and women alike. He possesses, long, wild, and untamed midnight black hair which trails far down his back and over his shoulders, almost dragging on the ground behind him. His body accompanied with his almost godlike degree of handsomeness makes him nearly irresistable, as his build is neither far too muscular, nor too slim. As an accomplished master of martial way, Rasetsu's dedication to fighting is easily visible within his body, possessing heavily defined, perfectly sculpted muscles in his arms, legs, chest, and abdomen, easily classing him within the peak of male physique. 


Rasetsu is a master of deception. Throughout the course of his lifetime he has been subjected to countless different traumatic and emotionally crushing events which have had a great effect on the man whom he has become today. As of now, Rasetsu puts on the facade of a somewhat clueless, reckless, obnoxious, and lecherous young male with a habit of getting into trouble with the law and involved in organized crime. He is a recluse whom refuses to make friends or even colleague's with any other human being and avoids others at any cost, that is unless they happen to be a beautiful woman. He constantly puts on the facade of cowardice, weakness, and overall shrewd, child-like demeanor which causes him to be viewed as heavily immature and childish. Nobody whom has the misfortune of associating with him even begins to assume that he may in fact be one of the deadliest beings in the known universe because of his behaviour. Rasetsu is a delinquent whom is not above the most haneous and vile of childish acts if it means he can get his own way. Among the things he has done to others his urinate and defecate on their bodies, draw horrid and obscene objects in permanent marker upon their faces, and take advantage of ones pride and sense of honor as a warrior, only to horribly humiliate them and make a mockery of their code as a fighter in the end. He will steal candy from a child, hide the body of a dead elderly woman that he may have been responsible for, anything and everything which is the absolute polar opposite of what a good person would do in any situation, he'll do it, and at the same time, he'll find a way to make things infinitely worse for himself and those around him. 


Rasetsu's life is a story full of tragedy, woe, and sadness. Any and all friendships or truly meaningful relationships have either ceased due to the fact the ones whom are precious to him have either been killed, murdered by his hand, or he has abandoned those whom he once held close. He does however retain a rather imposing roster of enemies and those whom continually seek his death, and is constantly being tracked. This fact had a great impact on Rasetsu's decision to abandon those precious to him due to the fact he did not want them to be hurt because of his own recklessness or become involved in his business. 


Skills & PowersEdit

Genetic TraitsEdit

Thanks to the circumstances of his birth, or the numerous geneitc alterations and mutations that he has undergone throughout the course of his lifetime, Rasetsu is a many who's physiology and genetic makeup itself serves as just as much of a weapon to him as his ability form martial arts and immense raw power. He has amassed a vast amount of genetic traits each of which give him a greater amount of power and that much more of an advantage over his opponents, proving to be useful and reliable to the point that he otherwise would have either been rendered severely impared or powerless against opponents of certain kinds at any given moment, that is, if he did not have these inherent abilities on his side. Most of the abilities in his genetic makeup and DNA can be chalked up to the fact that Rasetsu is a member of the infamous kamage clan, whom all had immense advantages over their opponents thanks to their inborn abilities and the genetic features which served as extremely deadly weapons for them to use at any given time. However, ever for a kamage warrior, Rasetsu is shown to hav einherited an exceedingly great amount of abilities and genetic nativities which are limited solely to his usage and are acknowledged as being immensely devastating even by the standards of the kamage clan themselves. Not only this, but Rasetsu, after becoming aware of these numerous genetic traits, has made no espense in making sure that he pursues and unlocks as much of his power and understands his own genetic physiology as much as possible, essentially granting him an exceedingly immense and impressive extent of domain over the countless different powers and abilities which are granted to him on behalf of his physiology.

Combat ExperienceEdit

Combat Experience(戦闘覚え, Sento Oboe) People whom enter the world of fighting and martial arts as a whole obtain combat experience over time. This is one of the most important and integral aspects of being a fighter, as learning and understanding your opponents and obtaining an extremeley great amount of wisdom based upon ones own personal experience within the realm of combat and deadly fighting is endlessly important. This allows masters to be born and new generations of fighters to learn from them, constantly advancing the flow of fighting far beyond that of anything ever witnessed prior. Whether it be through physical contact, muscle memory, movement speed, or simple, casual observations, the fighters mind is continuously absorbing data and knowledge and subonciously creating a store of that information for the users body to take into account and keep in mind so as to have an overall greater amount of battle effectivity and strength when engaging in future battles. However, for members of the Kamage clan whom are literally born fighters, who's sole purpose is to kill, crush and destroy everything through their absolute power, Combat Experience takes on a completely new and devastating meaning. For every punch thrown, every attack witnessed, every move observed, and every action period, the body of Rasetsu is constantly building up a set amount of data. This data is transformed into raw power that is shaped and born out of the reaction and countermeasure to any outside threat and enemy. This may be performed, most commonly, by slowly and steadily raising Rasetsu's raw power beyond its original limitations. This is achieved through a rather simply means; combat. Fighting in any form is capable of literally making Rasetsu harder, better, faster, and stronger, profoundly so, as the unique bodies of Kamage clansmen are like blades which are constantly being forged and improved with each passing second. 

In this right, even superficial and indirect combat is capable of providing Rasetsu with greater power and subsequent combat experience and knowledge. His body will adjust, his movements will shape and transform, and his attacks become more and more imperceivable depending on any form of combat he is witnessing or taking part in, even if he is merely watching a battle. What all this means is that Rasetsu literally grows that much stronger after every battle he has fought in or has witnessed in some way. One of the most valuable and devastating applications of this aspect of his power is the full recovery. The full recovery takes place solely after Rasetsu sustains any injury of any kind, It doesn't matter how small or large the injury is, his body will recover a degree of power. The boost of power is not proportionate to the injury sustained, as even a slight scratch on the surface of his skin, without even drawing blood is capable of granting Rasetsu a sudden incredible boost in power. The larger and more grievous the injury is, or the more damage that his body takes and the greater the stress his mind is under, the greater the increase or, "recovery" of power will be. This is described as being a unique form of reactive adaption by Rasetsu due to the fact his body instinctively takes in the details of his surroundings and processes any and all given forms of threat and danger so as to create countermeasures and backup plans against them. As state above, the full recovery seems to be the most prevalent ability in this right as of yet. However, even neutral existences such as lava or falling debris are capable of prompting the full recovery, while the greatest boost in strength is achieved by Rasetsu recovering from his injuries sustained in a battle, simply by staying docile or nursing himself back to health over a short period of time.

For each form fo combat or battle that Rasetsu experienced, his benefit and experience resulting from that fight will continue to grow and become all the more beneficial without limitations, allowing him to perhaps become many times stronger, wiser, and more battle attuned than anything that he was previously. In this right, for the kamage clan, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger is a literal term which can be applied to describe the extent of the power and increase in experience that they obtain. For Rasetsu, a man whom has obtained the absolute pinnacle of understanding of his own blood and abilities therein, his combat experience ability has risen to the point where no attack of incoming enemy technique is capable of working twice on him regardless of its nature, speed, amnifestation of power level. His body and his mind on the metaphysical level literally shifts and adjusts to anything foreign that Rasetsu has not yet experienced, meaning that any and all forms of outside influences are not capable of tricking Rasetsu or being effective on him more than ones due tot he sheer amount of awareness and combat experience that his body amasses throughout the course of even the most trivial and small combat events. Not only this, but it is also stated that no opponent is capable of besting him more than once, even in piste of the enormous power and fighting skill that Rasetsu has obtained, it his stated that this ability alone could allow Rasetsu to eventually fell any opponent in time regardless of their own level of strength, even if he only had tapped into the infamous combat experience aspect of The Kamage clans power with nothing else in his life.

Rage of The AsuraEdit

The Rage of The Asura(怒り阿修羅, Ikari no Asura) The Rage of The Asura is perhaps the single most infamous and terrifying trait of the kamage clan and their aforementioned warriors. It is an ancient ability which essentially went down in history as the single most hated and awe inspiring aspect of the kamage clans power and ability to constantly ascend above any other opponent and crush them outright, seemingly regardless of the level of power that any given opponent that they may face at a time had. The Rage of The Asura is viewed as many different things to many different people. True masters of the kamage clan willingly embraced it and referred to it as a holy blessing passed down to them from their ancestor and god, Acala, however, Rasetsu believes that it is a horrid curse which transforms one into a rampaging monster with no sense of guilt or remorse. Essentially, The Rage of The Asura is a trait which appears in all members of the kamage clan throughout history, and as its name suggests, grants the user the ability to drastically enhance all concveivable aspects of their own powers and abilities, as well as their skills through the usage of their own immense rage alone. Acala himelf in this right was said to draw his main source of power from such an extent. Rasetsu, being his reincarnation, has obtained the ability to use this technique to its absolute highest pinnacle, to the point where he now exceeds that of any member of the previous generations of his family by leaps and bounds. While angrry, Rasetsu's ki and every given aspect of his strength will steadily increase. The boost in his stats is directly proportionate to the level of rage that he may be feeling at any given moment, as higher levels of anger prompt a greater flooding of energy, literally allowing Rasetsu to create power from nothing and ascend far beyond his original limitations.

So long as Rasetsu continues to feel some form of anger, his power will continually rise without limitation or end, potentially granting him the ability to obtain infinite power. The more intense the range, the more violent and dangerous Rasetsu become, to the point that he can even loose all of his reason entirely and become a mindless, constantly rampaging berserker. The rage of the asura in its own right proves to be an extremely useful tool ,especially against opponents whom were much stronger than Rasetsu, as his rage reacted to the mystic curse on him, and suddenly flooded his body with far greater amoutns of power and energy. For example, Rasetsu could completely destroy opponents whom would have previously dominated him if it weren't for the power of the rage of the asura constantly working with him to improve his fighting ability and ensure the faft that he became stronger than any opponet that he faced. However, the drawbacks of the technique are obvious, as Rasetsu's anger grows, it can only increase more and more to new and dangerous heights throughout the course of any fight that he engages in. Eventually, he will completely and utterly loose all reason and transform into a monster that is solely hellbent on the destruction of anything and everything surrounding him, no longer capable of distinguishing between friends or foes. This makes him prone to becoming extremely violent and destructive, often making him hold nothing back, resulting in him utterly obliterating large numbers of powerful opponents with casual ease in the process, as Rasetsu become sutterly blinded beyond anything else by the sheer power of his own anger, the rage of the asura. 

Through the course of a battle, Rasetsu's anger and rage constantly grows without limitation, not only serving to make his attacks more devastating and threatening, but building up to a certain nexus point in which all foes whom are aware of his status as member of the kamage clan. This is the reason that many opponents avoid fighting against Rasetsu for extended periods of time due to the fact his anger eventually builds to the point where he is capable of performing a "burst". At this point in time, Rasetsu's rage becomes so great that he embarks on a state of power and attack sequence which puts him in a class completely above everything and anything that he had previously been fighting within, meaning that most opponents are often horribly defeated and destroyed when he allows himself to perform burst. Burst, as its name suggests allows Rasetsu to access a far greater level of existence alltogether by using the sheer force of his anger and rage, and determination alone, essentially allowing ot attack, defeat, and completely overwhelm opponents whom may be considered many classes or levels of strength above him at any given time. The only draw back to burst is the fact that it does steadily take the increase of his anger and rage to eventually build up enough power for Rasetsu to access burst. Being one of the most integral and definitive traits of Rasetsu's power, performing burst has become one of Rasetsu's most outstanding and unique factors which characterize him as an individual fighter, away from the likes of most others. 


Tokuisei(特異性, Lit. "Singularity") Singularity refers to a state that Rasetsu has obtained whereby his existence has become completely and utterly whole. In this right, Rasetsu has studied and undergone acts so as to ensure that his mind body and soul become into a state of sync and harmony with one another to the extent that not even the most highly enlightened of other beings can hope to achieve. In this right, Rasetsu is truly a singular being, having become utterly the one and the same with his mind, body and soul, and having the three states of existence literally converge upon one another and enter a state of existence which transcends anything the three could previously. In this right, Rasetsu is immune to any outside condititons which many take advantage of his mind body or soul or any aspect regarding them, essentially making him immune to an immensely vast multitude of abilities the likes of which would otherwise devastate and completely obliterate even the strongest and most attuned of other martial artists and powerful beings throughout the world of martial arts. Rasetsu's enlightenment has been repeatedly equated to a state of literally perfect and true oneness, meaning that any other realities, perceptions, or proposals that come to suggest otherwise to him are rendered harmless illusions, even when faced with the most devastating of techniques and attacks on behalf of enemies who's ability it is to especially mess around and distort ones own existence by forcing other rules or aspects of an alternate reality upon them, Rasetsu's shee oneness forbids any kind of outside influence such as this from ever even becoming an issue to him let alone prompting Rasetsu to having to fight back. The true extent of Rasetsu's tokuisei is not known and hasn't been shown as of yet, though Rasetsu claims that due to the fact his mind body and spirit are all the one and the same, he now has the ability to assume direct administration and control over his own personal existence to the point of becoming immune to things in regard to the three aspects. 

Organic LimiterEdit

The Organic Limiter(有機限定Yuki Gentei) is the name of the specially created mystical seal that was placed on Rasetsu shortly after his birth. Due to his status as the reincarnation of Kagaseo himself, his father saw that he had the ability to surge out of control and unleash his immense powers without actually desiring to. In order to prevent Rasetsu from surging out of control and going on a rampage, The Organic Limiter was placed on his body. This is a seal that exists to severely limit and restrain the true extent of Rasetsu's latent power and abilities, limiting access to his own powers to only the absolute bare minimum. Depending on what kind of opponent Rasetsu is facing at any given time, The Organic Limiter seal reacts to the will of his suboncious and administrates his powers and abilities perfectly in proportion to the kind of opponent that he is facing. The seal essentially dictates how strong, or how weak Rasetsu is at any given point in time, specializing in seal an extremely vast quantity of his true powers and abilities so as to prevent him from truly unleashing the powers of Kagaseo before he is ready and prepared to do so. In this right, Rasetsu's potential and how powerful he can truly become, or the number and kind of abilities that he is capable of developing are solely up to The Organic Limiter Seal. Through extensive usage of the organic limiter as well as the fact that he has pursued knowledge so as to understand it better, Rasetsu has subsequently obtained the ability to take direct control over the organic limiter and decide how much power he is using at any given time. Typically, Rasetsu prefers to leave it on its default settings of sealing away the grand potential of his body, mind and spirit, so that he can amass as much power as possible. 

What The Organic Limiter does is take all aspects of Rasetsu's power and regulates it so that he is not overwhelmed by his own power. Due to the fact he has the status of Kagaseo's reincarnation, the godly wrath which is constantly stationed in the very depths of his psyche is constantly in danger of coming to the surface due to extensive mental stress and duress. Should this happen prematurely, Rasetsu's mind will faulter and he will become a force of nature which exists solely to destroy and unleash hell. As such, even in spite of how powerful Rasetsu is shown to be, this mystical seal takes his strength, speed, durability, talent, mental awareness, senses, martial arts skill, talent, potential, development of skills, literally every last aspect and conceivable form of power at his disposal and decreases their potentiality and potency to the point where Rasetsu only has access to the most infinitely small portion of his true strength. However, due to the fact that Rasetsu has mastered his seal, he is free to take off the limiters and increase their corresponding sealed aspects 0f his strength to any height that he desires. Though he prevents himself from doing so as much as possible, he has unleashed the full extent of his powers, however doing so comes at an extremely rare time, and almost impossible circumstance due to the sheer might that Rasetsu obtains, upon removing every last conceivable aspect of The Organic Limiters functions. 

Martial Arts MasteryEdit


Zankenshin-Ryu(, Lit. "Slicing Fist God Style") A most integral part of martial arts and becoming eligible to walk the path of a martial arts master involves training oneself in the usage of armed weapons and swords aside from simply learning how to wield ones body as a weapon and tranforming it from simple flesh into an object capable of mass destruction. However, for Rasetsu, whom has utterly mastered all forms of armed combat, one can achieve a method of combat where it no longer even matters if one is armed or wielding a weapon of any kind, as their bodies have literally become the one and the same with their weapons. Rasetsu states that he has transcended the need for swords and weapons alltogether due to the fact that his body has already been tempered and transformed into the perfect weapon alltogether. In this right, Rasetsu has the ability to perform Zankenshin-Ryu martial arts, which literally involve transforming parts of his body into weapons. By mimicking the characteristics of weapons gained from extensive spiritual study, understanding, as well as the practical experience which comes with fighting with a sword of otherwise, Rasetsu can easily replicate the traits and characteristics of a sword, allowing him to transform any part of his body into a weapon that exceeds both the flesh and the iron at the same time. This is reflective of the fact that Rasetsu has achieved a state of such pure unison with his weapons and the objects that he has studied throughout the course of his lifetime, having literally obtained the ability to aim the will of the sword, as he calls it. Becoming the one and the same being with Rasetsu's weapons has literally allowed him to access weapons by fusing and bonding upon the metaphysical level with his swords. This is performed only when Rasetsu had obtained an immense level of apprecation for his weapon and corresponding tool, allowing him to quite literally transform it into an extension of his own body.

Banrai NagareEdit

Banrai Nagare(万雷流れ, Lit. "Flow of All Lightning") One of Rasetsu's favorite and most used techniques, as well as one of the first of the special secret techniques that he learned from the secret scrolls of the kamage clans martial arts teachings. Since then, Rasetsu has obtained an utterly perfect mastery over the banrai nagare technique, whereby one administrates the kinetic force behind all physical objects in creation including their own body. Having achieved a state of existence within Banrai Nagare which far exceeds the original limitations and aims of the technique, any and all object which makes contact with Rasetsu's body, whether it be on his hands, feet, shoulders, or any other part of him is free to have its kinetic force and momentum manipulated and changed as Rasetsu see's fit. This allows most attacks that come to him to be defined as completely inconsequential due to the fact Rasetsu can simply cause the attack force which explodes at the interval of making contact within him to immediately cave in and back fire on his attacker, often multiplying the attack force alltogether causing severe and immense damage to the opponent. For Rasetsu it is no longer a question of speed or strength, or durability for that matter, as all beings within the realm of combat are ultimately exposed when it comes to the interval where any kind of attack force is transferred to its desired target. Having the ability to perfectly anticipate and decipher that moment, even those which may be considerably stronger than Rasetsu, in rare cases, are still rendered utterly helpless thanks to Rasetsu's ability to manipulate the attack force of all physical existences. Not only this, but it seems Rasetsu's skill within this technique has gotten to the point where he can cause his attacks to travel through extremely dense objects or over long distances before getting the kinetic energy that he has built up behind his attack to finally explode, making it hard for opponents to predict the target that his attack force is going after in relation to his striking point. 

Genkisho GenkoEdit

Genkisho Genko(元気拳固, Lit. Spirit Cracking Fist") For those whom have managed to tap into the absolute pinnacle, the center of zenith of combat, there exists a way to bypass the physical body of the opponent and make contact with their spirit. This alone is proven to be an extremely powerful and useful ability in resolving conflicts quickly and cleanly, however, for Rasetsu, he has obtained the ability to damage and severely wound, perhaps even destroy alltogether the very soul of his opponent. By imbuing his strikes and movements with a unique flow and manifestation of his ki, Rasetsu is granted the ability to solely attack the soul, spirit, and general metaphysical existence of the opponent. This is due to Rasetsu's ability to quite easily see beyond the physical and observe or casually perceive plains beyond the realm of the material world. As such, Rasetsu is free to manipulate and transform entities in this plain as he see's fit without disturbing the most basic one, effectively allowing him to bypass the conceptual existence of those within the physical realm. As many opponents rely solely on their ability to control and fend for themselves solely within the realm of the physical, most others are left completely defenseless when Rasetsu imbues his fists with the ability to strike his opponents dead in the spirit. Rasetsu refers to this act as Genkisho Genko, and, as its name suggests, it literally allows him to destroy the spirit and soul of his opponent. This results in a variety of different and extremely powerful effects, as the wounding of the opponents soul can completely destroy their fighting spirit alltogether, perhaps even keeping them from ever having the spirit or courage that is required to step foot within the world of fighters ever again, literally allowing Rasetsu to obliterate his opponents fighting spirit. However, the most deadly aspect of this technique by far is Rasetsu's ability to completely crush the souls of his opponents, killing them immediately. 

Kyojitsu HimakuEdit

Kyojitsu Himaku(京彼阿久を柔術, Lit. "An Art That Bides in A Realm Which is Neither Truth or Fiction") Kyojitsu Himaku. One of the highest manifestations of Rasetsu's status as a person whom has unified his mind body and spirit on a perfectly whole scale. For a combatant such as Rasetsu, and a master that has exceeded even the greatest of legendary figures within the realm of combat that have come about throughout the history of the world, there exists Kyojitsu Himaku. Due to the fact that Rasetsu's body mind and soul have achieved a state of unison in which they have fused and transcended themselves alltogether, all plains are capable of being influenced by Rasetsu due to the fact that he exists and perceives all of them perfectly. This is the fundamental need for bringing about kyojitsu himaku's effects and various devastating abilities. As there is no longer any need for physical movement, partly due to the fact motion, intent, and thought are the one and the same thing for Rasetsu, he has transcended other combatants alltogether. Some of the most basic applications of this ability involve Rasetsu destroying and attacking the environment without ever actually utilizing physical movement to attack his opponents. Instead, thought and movement are the same thing,a nd thus, Rasetsu can cause damage to the bodies of his opponents by simply willing it to happen, due to the fact that mind, intend, and the cause which leads to a desired effect when undertaken by Rasetsu ultimately leads to its intended goal, due to the fact all of the above are the same thing. Another example is shown when most opponents attack Rasetsu, the fact that Rasetsu's Kyojitsu Himaku is a constant state of transcendant existential awareness and presence means that anything or any being that resides within the lower realms and dimensions are incapable of effecting or interacting with him in any given way, shape or form. This is shown by the fact that even the strongest of opponents, when having Rasetsu dead in the path of their attacks, believe to have hit him, when in truth their bodies have willingly diverted their paths so as to avoid Rasetsu, as physical existence on its own cannot effect that which is composed of movement, thought, and intent alltogether. 

Saika-Ryu ShinkenEdit

Saika-Ryu Shinken(災禍神剣, Lit. "Calamity-Style Godfist") The single greatest and most terrifying mystical form of martial arts at Rasetsu's fingertips, and the most devastating. This technique is the culmination, the pinnacle, the absolute, ultimateless state of all conceivable dark martial arts and techniques imbued with wicked intent or black heartedness, a thousand fold and beyond. Rasetsu typically never Resorts to the usage of this technique form or the vast roster of abilities and moves within, due to the fact that a situation or opponent who's power or threat level is immense enough to prompt this horrid technique and martial arts styles usage is seldom ever seen. However, Rasetsu has still amassed a perfect and legendary mastery over this fighting form due to the fact it is his clans most powerful and devastating martial arts form as well as that which they were most feared for throughout their reign during the times of ancient yamato. Saika-Ryu Shinken, the penultimate stated of violence and skill. Typically, ultimate violence and ultimate skill are forces which solely oppose each other throughout all eternity. This fact has given birth to countless ideals and practices thereof, yin and yang, darkness and light, and within the realm of martial arts, hard and soft arts, dark and light fighting styles, sei, and dou, etc, so on and so fourth. However, Saika-Ryu Shinken can be practised by only the highest and most powerful members of the kamage clan bloodline, whom have achieved the ability to unify ultimate violence and ultimate skill at the same time, a feat and act thought completely and utterly impossible for normal beings. Naturally, being the last of his bloodline and the strongest warrior ever to be produced by his clan, Rasetsu has obtained an utterly abject mastery over his ability to balance and merge the highest pinnacles of violence and skill, allowing him to not only practise and learn the techniques and movements within Saika-Ryu Shinken, but elevate them to all new heights and levels of power, the likes of which could never be obtained by even the finest of kamage clansmen.

Ki & SpiritualismEdit


Ryuuki(隆起, Lit. "Rising") Rising. As its name suggests, it is a basic Kamage clan teaching which allows warriors within their ranks to immediately increase their strength in startling speeds, far beyond that of anything they could have wielded prior to doing so. Ryuuki is a technique which, like many other forms of ki bolstering and increasers, allows Rasetsu to tap into greater strength, speed, etc in proportion to how high his ki is rising through this technique. However, what makes the kamage clans technique different from other, more generic ki "charging" techniques is the fact that the ki itself perpetuates and becomes denser. This is performed by the particles of the mystical energy constantly colliding with one another and giving birth to greater amounts of ki, essentially allowing Rasetsu to achieve greater amoutns of power which are far above other ki charging techniques by multiplying the physical existence of his own ki alone. Extended usage of Ryuuki causes Rasetsu ki to constantly give birth to more and more energy which in turn will replicate the process and constantly spawn or create greater amounts of power without end or any form of limitation whatsoever. The process is controlled solely by Rasetsu's mind, and he can continually allow the effects of Ryuuki to continue even throughout the course of a long battle, constantly propelling him higher and making him that much more powerful with each passing second. The speed and quantity at which the power of Rasetsu's ki is boosted is increased with every passing second due to the fact the ki itself continues to multiple and constantly give birth to greater quantities of itself.


Koka(硬化, Lit. "Hardening") Koka, another one of the most integral and basic forms of ki manipulation that is taught within the Kamage clans ancient combat scripts. Rasetsu learned this technique at a young age and as such he has amassed an utterly perfect control over it to the point that he can use it to a level which exceeds even the greatest of other practitioners, partly on behalf of his extreme talent. Koka, much like Ryuuki, lives up to its name, and allows Rasetsu to drastically enhance the strength and density of his blows and his muscles. This is performed by Rasetsu flowing his ki into any given part of his body and causing it to become explosively augmented. This increases the already rather immense striking power that Rasetsu has to heights far beyond. By performing Koka, Rasetsu can drastically upgrade the very density of the atoms which form his muscle fibers and bones, immediately allowing him to unleash a level of force behind his punches, kicks, and even upgrade his entire body to a far greater extent of power and durability by using koka on his entire frame from head to toe. This ability proves to be one of the most basic and at the same time, one of the most powerful and infamous aspects of his power, as it is partly the reason for his herculean strength. Due to the fact that the increase in strength is directly proportionate to how much ki Rasetsu is condensing into his body parts at any given time.

Explosive ProjectionEdit

Explosive Projection(爆薬投射, Bakuyaku Tousha) Even in spite of the sheer might that Rasetsu has shown within this realm of ki manipulation, he still regards it as one of the most basic and at the same time, one of the single easiest methods of combat at his disposal, even going as far so as to state that it is rendered entirely meaningless in the face of others whom have ascended to the same realm of combat as he. Nevertheless, it still remains as one of Rasetsu's single most favorite and one of his most utilized forms fo fighting, being one of the most integral aspects and subsequently, one of the most infamous forms of power at his disposal. Rasetsu's ability to formulate and manifest his ki itself in the state of highly dense, powerful forms of explosive energy and then throw them in various different shapes and patterns at his enemies proves to be one of the most terrifying powers at his disposal. With this particular technique, Rasetsu is extremely destructive and is capable of bringing about immense amounts of devastating to his surroundings by throwing his ki blasts at his enemies and the surrounding terrain. Though the manifestations of Rasetsu's ki vary, the most commonly used techniques at his disposal are simple, generic blasts which manifest themselves in the form of bright, densely glowing energy spheres which, depending on their size, usually effects how much destructive power they have.

For example, a blast the size of a tennis ball is capable of taking out an entire building, while energy spheres created by Rasetsu that are even bigger do a level of damage and area of effect directly proportionate to their size. However, Rasetsu's ability to destroy and create immense amounts of devastation in his surroundings is not solely dependant on his ability to create large ki blasts, as his ability to condense and make his energy extremely dense also serves as a means to inflict even greater explosions. For example, a condensed ki blasts the size of a marble can be increased to the destructive capacity of destroying an entire city in the blink of an eye. Though Rasetsu is free to force his explosive ki waves out of his body in blasts, large energy waves, omnidrectional explosions and more, they each typically sport the destructive manifestation of an enormous dome of burning fire-like energy which immediately incinerates everything caught within the blast radius to a state of absolute nothingness, as Rasetsu's ki is powerful and dense enough to completely erase the atoms of objects caught inside his blasts. In this right he is an absolute bane to opponents whom may rely heavily on regeneration and their ability to reform themselves after taking damage, due to the fact Rasetsu can destroy every last strand of DNA right down to the tiniest detail when it comes to biological objects which are caught within the blast radius of his attacks. 

By causing his ki to explode in various different forms and setting up numerous attack patterns, Rasetsu is capable of creating bullet hells which are extremely difficult for opponents to deal within even if they may have high speed. Rasetsu's ability to aim and perform great acts of accuracy as well as his ability to take in the movement and predict the next move of his opponents allows him to quite easily hit and destroy even the most crafty of high speed moving opponents with casual ease. For example, Rasetsu may throw an extremely high speed volley of ki blasts at his enemies, allowing him to do excessive damage to them if not outright killing them alltogether meanwhile, he remains at a safe distance without ever really breaking a sweat at all. This is achieved by the fact that Rasetsu can transform, manifest, and formulate his ki at such an extremely high speed that he can perform acts of rapid fire by simply opening his hand and raising it in the direction of his enemies. Not only this, but Rasetsu often uses his ability to fire his ki from various different standpoints and places on his body to overwhelm his enemies, releasing, and in some cases even merging the waves of highly dense explosive ki from his body so as to gain an even greater amount of momentum and density as they travel to his opponents. Some of the area's he can release his ki from include his chest, mouth, eyes, hands, and even his feet. Upon extensive training, Rasetsu has obtained the ability to unleash his extremely dense ki from any place on his body due to the fact that he has essentially obtained the ability to act as a perfect conduit for his spiritual energy. 

Naturally, the power output and size of the explosion which is generated by any of Rasetsu's ki blasts are directly proportionate to the level of ki that he forces into them. Greater amounts of ki condensed into a blast will yield greater explosive effects. It isn't known just how much ki Rasetsu can put into a blast, and likewise it isn't known just how powerful his attacks are capable of becoming, though he has shown the ability to quite easily obliterate entire planetary bodies with casual ease and without so much as a single blast. However, if this wasn't enough, The Rage of The Asura, effecting all conceivable aspects of Rasetsu's power also effects his ki output and as such, allows him greater destructive force. Depending on the extent of rage that Rasetsu is feeling at any given time effects the extent of how powerful his ki blasts become and rise to. The rage of the asura allows Rasetsu to accomplish destructive feats of ki blast manipulation which would typically be far out of even a master of his own caliber. 

Naizo HokokenEdit

Naizo Hokoken(内部轟音拳, Lit. "Internal Roar Fist") Internal Roar Fist. One of the most integral, telltale and infamous techniques at Rasetsu's disposal, as well as something that he has become known for and infamous for throughout the world of martial arts, particularly during his time as a younger fighter who's talent was being acknowledged by those whom at the time, were many times stronger than him, often solely due to the usage and power of this technique. Through the usage of Naizo Hokoken, Rasetsu has the ability to literally multiply his ki itself. What's different about this ability from Rasetsu's ability to utilize Ryuuki, is that while the latter increased and adds to his ki, Naizo Hokoken exponentially multiplies it. However, the technique can only be used for a heartbeat, or so it was thought before Rasetsu had learned to use the technique towards its full potential, and even exceed that. Naizo Hokoken is a technique whereby Rasetsu, as stated above, multiplies his ki. The extent to which his ki is increased is dependant solely on his will, as he can immediately become 2, to 200X stronger, or far more than that at any given moment should he deem the increase needed. However, the technique puts immense strain on his body, muscles, and heart, hence why it is only meant to be used for about half a second. However, Rasetsu maintains the usage of his increased ki for extended periods of time through usage of this technique, and it isn't known just how high Rasetsu is capable of increasing his energy level to through the usage of Naizo Hokoken, however it has been hinted that he is will within the hundreds, probably the thousands or more range by this point in time. Rasetsu typically refrains from using his Naizo Hokoken for as long as he can, and has resorted to the point where he only ever unleashes it if he pushed to his final form or state of transformation so as to obtain the absolute maximum amount of power that he possibly can in order to defeat his foes. 

Meido GohadoEdit

Meido Gohado(冥土, Lit. "Dark Painful Great Surge")

Flow ManipulationEdit

Flow Manipulation(流れ制御Nagare Seigyo) Typically, ones ki is just that, a singular existence in which serves as the basis for many different kinds of weapons and potential to be formulated by the user. Those whom train in the arts of ki manipulation to so in order to manipulate their own power and force it out in the form of powerful manifestations. However, for a master of Rasetsu's might, one can quite easily branch out and take control of the ki in which flows constantly throughout the entire metaphysical ether of the universe itself, subjugating it and allowing them him to perform feats of an exceedingly mystical scale, the likes of which he could never achieve on his own. This force is referred to as "the flow". The flow is a place where all ki resides, it is the absolute well which distributes and gives out or takes back ki as it flows throughout the universe. Every entity and form of life that is born holds some form of ki which originates from the flow, and a direct connection to the flow allows Rasetsu to manipulate that flow as he see's fit. Typically, this grants him nothing short of an abject ki manipulation the likes of which is regarded as godlike even by the standards of those whom have trained and dedicated their entire lives to manipulating their energy. By tapping into the flow, Rasetsu has the ability to control any and all forms of ki within or around himself, and their subsequent manifestations, regardless of their nature. So long as a given object has some form of ki within or around it, Rasetsu is free to assume absolute dominance over it as he see's fit. For example, by sapping the energy of an opponents ki, Rasetsu can suddenly drastically increase his own strength without ever making physical contact in order to absorb the energy at all.

Any and all incoming enemy attacks such as enemy ki blasts or energy waves are immediately assumed dominance over by Rasetsu due to his connection with the flow and his ability to manipulate the will of the flow itself to become an advantage to him in battle. This allows him to break down, stop, change, re-shape, absorb, or even outright turn the enemies attack back on them with an even greater level of destructive force and speed that they had soared towards him with, literally wrenching control of the enemies attacks and techniques from their own will, disarming them in the process. All these feats are performed by force of will and that alone by Rasetsu, however, an even greater level of devastating can be accomplished should he decide to implement the physical movement of his body in order to further manipulate and conduct the flow of ki to his own liking. His connection to the flow also allows him to immediately draw out an unspecificed amount of power from it for as long as he likes at all given times, so long as he wills it so, the flow will continue supplying him with greater and more immense amounts of power, to the point of arming the ki within the bodies of his opponents and causing them to spontaneously explode into atoms.

Rasetsu's extensive manipulation of the flow allows him, to quite easily control and manipulate every single form of ki usage. Even acts such as the most integral boosting of ones physical strength and speed are capable of being manipulated to his advantage. For example, by destroying the ki within ones muscles, bones, or any part of their body that they may be using in order to raise their own power or striking force, Rasetsu has shown the ability to completely disarm his opponents and their attacks, regardless of how powerful or skilled they may show themselves within the realm of bolstering their defenses and attacks by applying their ki to cement their defenses. This usually happens without the opponent ever even perceiving what has happened in the process, causing them to wonder and deeply regret challenging Rasetsu alltogether due to the fact that their abilities may seemingly fail outright on them. By absorbing the energy within others around him, people or otherwise, Rasetsu can also obtain greater amounts of power for him to exploit, possible making himself millions of times stronger than he was at any given moment prior to doing so, all thanks to his ability to manipulate and change the flow itself through sheer force of will. Another manifestation of this ability is shown to be the way Rasetsu can literally take a hold of and manipulate the movements of his opponents with casual ease, simply by willing it to happen. As all forms of life possess some amount of ki from the flow, Rasetsu can use that flow to change and alter the movements of his opponents or anybody that he desires, making to seem as though he has some form of telekinesis. For example, by blending his movements perfectly with the opponents he has the ability to render any attack regardless of how physicall power it may be to become utterly meaningless by using the flow to wrench all forms of power and force from the incoming attackers blow. 

Isho ArawareEdit

Isho Araware(遺書表れ, Lit. "Will Manifestation'") A technique in which Rasetsu claims is the highest level of ki awareness and ability to manifest and project it, period. For those whom have merged with the flow or at least have a profoundly deep understanding and ability to connect with it, Rasetsu is capable of manifesting his very will itself by imbuing it with his ki and forcing it to take on a physical form. What this does it makes his ki, or any energy that he creates for that matter take on such a dense manifestation that it literally becomes solid. In this right, Rasetsu's ability to manifest his will itself takes the form of large, crystallized shards of what appears to be pure ki itself, usually colored a beautiful crystalline blue. This act is referred to as Isho Araware, and allows Rasetsu to form physical constructs made solely out of ki itself. The might of this technique is deceptive due to Rasetsu's ability to focus his ki into a variety of different and large constructs, but also due to the fact that even the smallest amounts of his ki have been condensed to the point that they may unleash explosions on the planetary scale. This Isho Araware, Rasetsu's ki is not just ki itself, as it is imbued with his will and is thusly a manifestation of his mental thoughts and subconcious existence itself, a personal existence in which is related to Rasetsu's sheer oneness. This means that no matter how skilled or adept an opponent of any kind may be in manipulate ki and the metaphysical forces on the universe, they are not capable of manipulating Rasetsu's ki when he performs its usage and transformation with Isho Araware. This is due to the fact that the ki is manifested in a crystal form solely thanks to being the personification of Rasetsu's mental fortitude. This also means that Rasetsu's already immensely powerful attacks are increased to an almost abstract and conceptual level of strength, due to the fact that they are composed of pure will rather than ki, they simply carry out their intended goals regardless of any outside influences that dare to stop them or prevent them from doing so. Different emotions and different wills will determine exactly what kind of goal and function that Rasetsu's crystallized ki will carry, though they all typically boast an extremely grand amount of power and devastation to the enemy.

Flow CrystallizationEdit

Flow Crystallization(, Lit. Nagare Shouka)

Dainichi Nyorai TechniqueEdit

The Dainichi Nyorai Technique(大日如来, Lit. "All Encompassing Cosmic Sage Technique")

Movement TechniquesEdit


Shindou(振動, Lit. "Oscillation")

Shunshika ShuuhouEdit

Shunshika Shuuhou(鹿足, Lit. "Instant Deer Gallop")

Hado KakuseiEdit

Hado Kakusei(波動覚醒, Lit. "Wave Motion Awakening")

Dragon Emperor Secret SeriesEdit

Divine TransformationEdit

Arguably the key aspect of Rasetsu's powers and abilities is his infamy for assuming almost countless, and  at the very last a vast roster or powerful and devastating transformations which continually boost and upgrade his powers far beyond anything they had previously bee witnessed at. This allows him to startle opponents even when they believe they have comprehended the extent of his exceedingly immense power at his base form alone. Rasetsu's ability to transform has served as one of his single most iconic powers, having the ability to do so due to the divine blood coursing through his veins, the mastery over his own genetic and metaphysical being due to extensive training to master his kamage clan nature and physiology, not to mention the fact that he has himself evolved above such kinds of powers and scopes of strength, and finally, the sheer presence of atavism that he has undergone due to being the complete and utterly perfect reincarnation of the legendary god of martial arts and all combat, acala. With all this in mind, Rasetsu has not only obtained an extremely vast array of transformations, each of which are seemingly more powerful and deadly than the last, but has charted entirely new levels of power on the kamage clans previous scale of seemingly infinite and unknown strength. Not to mention he has also worked to develop and master every extent and corner of power within each and everyone of his own unique transformations and forms that he is capable of assuming, only soerving to unlock even greater secrets and degree's of strength, surpassing every member of the kamage clan to come before him by leaps and bounds.

Transcendant Mantra - Dragon Overfiend StateEdit

This is Rasetsu's single most powerful and horrifying transformation, exceeding all the previous ones by leaps and bounds, infinitely more powerful than even his Primary Mantra form. It is his final form, and after ascending to this ultimate state of power, Rasetsu can become no more powerful, at least, not on his own or without the help of the various outside influences that are capable of making him even stronger. The Transcendant Mantra... The Dragon God Overfiend. This is the true and most deadly manifestation of Acala's ultimate power, and is considered even a rarity for him to use during the time of his reign in the universe. However, due to the fact Rasetsu has fulfilled his goal and become the one and the same with Kagaseo, he is capable of accessing all of the latters hidden powers and exceedingly godlike abilities, and is quite easily capable of taking on his true form. The Dragon Overfiend is the most powerful symbol of fury in the entire universe, perhaps even greater, and as its name suggests, is the primordial dragonic being in which all Dragon Gods and Dragons thereof are related to, being the ancestral progenitor. In this right, Rasetsu now obtains the powers and abilities of The Primordial Dragon God, and is therefore uncontested on an extremely large scale, making him exceedingly unbeatable even by the standards of all of his previously listed forms and abilities. This state is essentially the physical manifestion of the culminating and merging powers or obtained techniques in which Rasetsu has amassed in his time, and as such appears remarkably different from any of his previous states by a rather large margin.

The fact that Rasetsu has transformed into a transcendant being with the status of a Primordial Dragon God is heavily reflected in his physical appearance. For example, his entire body has now been altered. Any semblance of human clothing and humanoid features have utterly disappeared save for keeping the general humanoid body layout of a head, two arms, two legs, and a torso. Rasetsu's skin has altered and become extremely dense and dark colored, forming an extremely chaotic sequence of somewhat asymmetrical lines and jagged protrusions all over his body which seem to be somewhat reminiscent of a dragons scales. His "skin" in this right has become extremely hard and dense, having taken on a manifestation similar to that of dried molten lava, forming an immensely powerful dermal armor which covers him from head to toe. His face has lost its mouth and nostrils, his ears elongating into tall demonic ones whlle a menacing vent-like set of openings in the front of his face serve as his mouth, his eyes having become completely red with no sign of pupils or centers at all. Around his head now is the manifestation of what appears to be the scale mane of a dragon god and a pair of tall dragon horns erecting out of the sides of his head. His hair retains though it grows even longer and wilder to an extremely long extent, while his musculature and height are all increased to the point he towers over most enemies. A set of enormous scaled wings erupt out of his shoulder blades and his fingers and toes become clawed, as a long lash-like tail grows out of his back and can be free to use in combat as he see's fit. Man chaotic and even demonic, frightening manifestations appear on his body such as the mouth-like set of jaws which appear on his stomach. 

While in this state, Rasetsu's Ki becomes exceedingly dark, partly due to the fact that he has become the one and the same with Kagaseo. Though the manifestation of kis remains extremely dense, the shades and colors which all generally compose it are generally dark colors, perhaps the very manifestation of the primordial void in which kagaseo originated from and dominates itself. In this right, all of Rasetsu's attacks and ki techniques take on a similar manifestation, his appearance enough to instill fear and terror into the hearts and minds of even the most attuned and well focused opponents. While in this form, Rasetsu's Kodoku-Ken enters a state where it too is one with the primordial void, entering a state of "Absolute Loneliness" meaning that any and all opponents that dare to challenge Rasetsu become completely and utterly crushed in a single attack regardless of their strength level. In this right, Rasetsu is no longer capable of avoiding the curse of the Kodoku-Ken and as such its powers are always active within him, forcing any opponent to yield to its absolute and supreme power. However, whereas the previous Kodoku-Ken was somewhat lenient, in that it still allowed Rasetsu to make contact with others if he was not engaging them in combat, this fully lonesome, solitary fist forbids any form fo physical contact to other beings or existences, even if something or an object of any kind makes contact with his body by accident, it is completely reduced to a state of complete and absolute nothingness due to the selfish Kodoku-Ken. 

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