A Deadlock is a kata where the opponents hold ki between them and push against each other. As the one who pulls away is consumed in ki they are mutually trapped in a shoving match until they have used up all their strength. Instead of a battle of wills this technique counters opponent’s ki by utilizing the principles of Birkeland currents. A Birkeland current usually refers to the electric currents in a planet's ionosphere that follows magnetic field lines (ie field-aligned currents), and sometimes used to described any field-aligned electric current in a space plasma. They are caused by the movement of a plasma perpendicular to a magnetic field. Birkeland currents often show filamentary, or twisted "rope-like" magnetic structure. They are also known as field-aligned currents, magnetic ropes and magnetic cables). User uses this surge of ki to produce a current of electromagnetic energy. The current flows earthwards down and spacewards up producing a hollow beam of plasma in the form of a circle of vortices that spin at super sonic speeds; a formation called the diocotron instability (similar, but different to the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability). Opponent is ripped to shreds.

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