Rayden Shikodan


14 (Physically +20)





Planet of Origin

Gavielle IV

Combat Abilities

Extremely durable and strong combat soldier. Genetically enhanced with the constitution to shrug off small-arms blaster bolts, Rayden can plunge into any fight and will usually be the last one standing. Though he doesn't need to rely on them, he always carries and uses a good number of guns and explosives.

Technical/Other Abilities

Rayden is a good pilot, but surprisingly, his skill really shines as a mechanic. Though he's really not bright enough to know many of the fundamentals of the technologies he often repairs, he has an amazing knack for putting things together or fixing them.

Born in a laboratory as subject X-371, a prototype genetic super soldier, Rayden has lived the first 12 years of his accelerated life being tested and experimented on endlessly. After escaping his life of captivity, he easily latched onto Ranma as the only one to truly sympathize with his plight. Since then, he has proven to be a crucial part of the team, keeping the Wild Horse in top shape battle after battle. Besides that, he's also invaluable in combat situations, where his zeal for destroying everything in sight can quickly turn the odds around in Ranma's favor.

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