Rayden Shikodan


Justice, as he would put it. Rayden ceaselessly follows the trail of men and women who "defile the innocent". Suspicions that he had become a mercenary at any given point have all proven utterly false.

Police Record

Japanese records place him as charged with 53 counts of first degree murder, 24 counts of burglary after a murder, and he's violated just about every gun control law there is to boot. Records also show that almost all the victims were themselves suspected, charged with, or convicted for murder or rape. Rayden is considered extremely dangerous and police officers are advised to never attempt to detain him without heavy backup.


Rayden sports an array of firearms, from pistols to shotguns to sub-machine guns. A master gunsmith, Rayden often constructs and repairs his own guns and explosives, including "Judgement".

Combat Ability

Beyond superhuman. Rayden has strength and constution that exceeds belief. Proven to be almost bulletproof, the gunman often wades into cross-fire easily, wiping his opponents out even as they try to cut him down. An expert sharpshooter, Rayden has a habit of lighting up a cigarette in the midst of battle, claiming it calms his nerves. Which it very well might, as he never smokes otherwise.





Rayden Shikodan is a devout Catholic, and consistently wanders the Eastern lands in search of murder and rape. These sins, above all, are worthy of death, and once he confirms his target's guilt and that the victim was in fact an "innocent", he tracks them down with a single-minded ruthlessness that is feared in all circles that know of him, lawful or otherwise. It is unknown why he feels he must undertake this quest, and his past is shrouded in mystery. His most recent target is Igov Yuchtzky, who led a company of soldiers to the coast, razing two villages on the way and killing hundreds.

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