Rayden Shikodan




Hybrid (Human/Blood Angel)


Dark Paladin (Rank: Dread Knight)


Lawful Evil (with Chaotic Neutral tendencies)


Violence, booze, gambling, cooking


Angels, peace, cowardice, weakness, elves, romance, women who aren't fighters, purity, love, royalty, being preached to about things he doesn't already believe, the 7 Dark Brotherhoods other than the Third, the 3 Divine Circles, all other religions that have not been already covered, being sober, classical music, the undead, resurrection, discipline, laws, having to pretend to respect people he does not.


Darkrune: A large broadsword of reasonably functional design, Darkrune is a sword forged from the heartstone of the dark Ancient Kharak, who cursed the tribe of angels that slew him to be blood angels. Feeding on the blood of the slain, Darkrune normally drives its weilders mad with lust for the kill, but Rayden seems either immune to it, or strong enough to only give in partially to its dark influence. Darkrune itself is a fearsome weapon, capable of expending its energy in a number of ways to destroy the enemies of its master. This includes the dreaded venom strike, a technique which only Darkrune itself can unleash.

Twin Bolters: A pair of modified bolter pistols created from some of the more inquisitive races to take a liking to Earth Realm's technology, these weapons pack significantly more punch than the average handgun, enabling them to pierce harder types of armor. Using mithril clips, like with all projectile weapons, significantly increases piercing ability.

Fighting Style

Unknown, Special style adapted through use of Darkrune

Combat Abilities

An extremely dangerous demon hunter, Rayden is more suited to destroying masses of lesser enemies than dueling stronger ones. Still, he's not hurting for strength no matter who he faces, and can bring an enormous amount of energy to the task. Though gifted with an affinity for using dark magic in a manner similar to ki (by using Darkrune as a focus), Rayden suffers from a vulnerability to mental manipulation, both intellectual and magical in nature. His other weaknesses include his inability to control his power at times, thereby putting allies at risk, and an unusual allergic reaction to holy water.


Shadow Break: A dark energy punch. High impact damage

Dark Crash: An energy-enhanced sword strike. Can be followed up with an uppercut-slash called shadow split, which also launches energy waves that strike the ground at random points.

Venom Strike: Darkrune's most feared technique, it is said to be able to cut through anything that isn't magically shielded, and neutralize regenerative abilities, such as those of werewolves

Clerical Magic (Kharak): Despite being mostly sealed by the same magics that bind Darkrune's power, Rayden still has access to some of the clerical spells granted to him for being the avatar of the Ancient of Destruction. Inevitably, these spells involve slightly differing blasts and bolts to blow up one's enemies, from the small but effective void bullet to the punishing rune beam. This magic also allows him to generate an electric field around his body at will, though with the concentration required, Rayden would just as soon put the energy into another good punch or kick.

Rayden is a veteran demon hunter and veteran of the Death March, having fought against the demon armies all his life, both in Earth Realm and in all the others he's visited. Brought up as an experiment in Doppler's lab, Rayden always had to fight to survive, and was conditioned not to think. While he's learned many useful skills, that conditioning still plagues him, as he's prone to wandering around aimlessly looking for malevolent creatures to fight, and generally getting into trouble that would be easily avoided. Thus, he functions best when he's being told what to do, either by a mercenary commissions office or by a field commander. Rayden carries the weapon of Kharak's avatar, Darkrune, and gladly accepts the power of the dark blade, even though it's quite likely that the sword will eventually corrupt and subvert his mind. Because of his blood angel heritage, Rayden is sometimes mistaken for a full demon, and despised by those angels that manage to figure out what he is.

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