Name: Razor Vine Sword

The Razor Vine Sword has two appearances, in its sword form it appears as a normal double-edged straight sword. It has a hand and a half hilt with a straight cross hand guard. The length of the blade is 4 feet and the width is usually 3 inches. Down the center of the sword is a blood groove; a gradual indention in the middle of the sword that allows blood to flow more freely off the sword when thrusting. The blade has a greenish tint down the blood groove, other than that they generally are very silvery in appearance. In its whip form, it appears as a green one-inch thick whip with one-inch sections of the sword attached to it. When ki is focused into the sword, it may form a whip the length of the sword plus one foot (5 foot whip). Without special training, whip form may only be held for three posts with a two post cool down. Special training may also increase the length of the sword in whip form.

Weapon History: there is a secret mine where a special metal called “Living Metal” is grown. A special plant grows from ancient platinum mines. The special metal was harvested and found to writhe and move of its own accord, it seems to die when forged into anything. By accident, when a Swordsman was using a sword crafted from the metal he performed a technique that required ki, he began the technique as he usually would, by focusing ki into the sword. Shock swept over him as the sword came apart and began to writhe back and forth like a living thing. Soon, swords were being purposefully made with the special metal in order to implement the qualities it added to a sword in newly invented sword styles.

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