Reality Marble




Koyuu Kekkai

Literal English

Innate Bounded Field

Parent Technique

Yuuen Okami (Grand Emperor)

The fundamental basis of this technique is to utilize rhythm flow to strengthen rhythm alteration, and have one's inner world materialized and projected onto reality. Rhythm alteration is usually performed on a specific person but her it here it is perforrmed on the world as a whole in a base area, such as a piece of land, but rather than reshaping the world at their will, Reality Marbles allows only for the creation of a set world that defines the practitioner.

The created worlds are completely cut off from normal reality, and once activated; they bring in whoever is within range. They cannot be affected from the outside, though a large burst of energy may be able to disrupt them. The World constantly attempts to crush the unnatural bounded fields, meaning that it costs a great deal of energy to construct one and keep it stabilized. This generally only allows them to be used for a few minutes, but given their powerful nature, that is likely enough time to properly utilize them. In a special case, it can even be deployed inside ones own body, so that they can avoid the corrective impulses of the World. Each world has its own set of patterns and rules, which can be said to be an invasion of reality by the diagram inscribed on the soul, and they cannot be freely manipulated by the caster.[1]

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