Samurai Deeper Kyo v14 c107 022
This technique combines the Umisenken’s opening stance with the Soul of Ice. The Realm of Nothingness erases all traces of user. While they can still be seen they have no kenki (offensive aura), no fighting spirit and no killing aura. User is practically an ordinary human. Even if a person is able to control his killing aura to some extent, when an opponent emits his own killing aura, his body will automatically respond. No matter how he hides his aura, the opponent would feel it. In the Realm of Nothingness user controls his aura as he wishes and becomes a kensai. Even though user has the face of a human he doesn’t have any human feelings, he’s nothing more than a puppet doll.

Though visible to the human eye, everything else tells you that user can’t exist, user emits no energy, and there’s an unbelievable calmness around him, his expressionless face is strangely abnormal, and his cold expression is like looking at a dead fish’s eyes. Thus causing an uneasy feeling in those who look upon it. Opponent’s blood sends them extremely loud warning signals warning them to be careful of user. Without even looking at him, it becomes hard to breathe as shivers are sent down your spine. It feels as if you soul’s getting sucked away. It’s like a gathering of evil. With weaker opponent it can even affect the efficiency of their cognitive processing.

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