This is a replacement suit designed for Kasumi using the designs and technology confiscated from the Magami clan.

The Nomex/Kevlar weave and armor plates of kevlar or titanium has been replaced with a vibranium microweave mesh. The microweave robs incoming objects of their momentum; bullets do not ricochet off, but simply fall to the ground when they come in contact with the weave. Likewise, Red X cannot be stabbed.

In addition to the electronic cooling system invisibility or cloaking device, and teleportation device the suit is also fitted with energy regulators create varying fields from the Vibranium in the molded soles of the boots, enabling Red X to survive a fall of several stories and land like a cat. Given enough momentum, the Red X can also scale walls or skim across water. The field can be also used offensively to shatter or weaken objects, or defensively to rob incoming objects of their momentum.

Hard Tap is also installed the interlining of the suit mainly on the leg to increase her mobility and leg strength up to the point where she can achieve superhuman feats matching those of meta martial artist.  The mini Xynothium core with Automail Armor power cells this virtually eliminates heavy strain the Hard Tap places on the body as it force is absorbed into the power cells to recharge the suit. However as the power cells are far less powerful then a Xynothium core causing the suits more exotic functions such as the cloaking, teleportation devices, ect place far more drain on the suit. So Red X can’t teleport as far, cloak as long or use her more powerful weapons as much. This compensated by the stronger passive abilities then the original suit. 

Since the suit no longer needs a mini Xynothium core the computer has been reprogrammed instead of monitor the xynothium core and keep it as stable as possible it tells the wearer when the suit is fully recharged.

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