Rei Ken

Spirit Sword

Using the power of materialization user creates a sword made of his Spirit Energy. Its strength depends on how much energy he uses.

Nobiro, Rei Ken

Spirit Sword, Extend

Rei ken is a form of materialization, or the act of manifesting ones energy into the shape of an object. Skilled users are able to increase the size and change the shape of their sword at will. This attack enables them to attack opponent’s from a distance, and also as javelin or pole vault in order to both leap great distances or survive falls from great heights. This technique can also be used to create a shield.

Rei Ken Nitōryū

Spirit Sword Two Blade Style

This technique allows user to materialize two swords at once, one for each hand.

Rei Shuriken

Spirit Throwing Knives

a technique where user produces small bolts of energy from their hands, similar to shuriken.

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