Reiji Tsuzuki


The Five Archangels, Lucifer's Group.

Other Name





19 December

Reiji Tsuzuki, also known as Raguel is a fictional character in the fanfic Minke. She's one of the five fallen archangels chosen by Lucifer at the Divine Design.


Another of the runaway children, Raguel is seldom seen, except during discussions with his fellow "angels". He wears a baseball cap. She is a girl, but because her family says the successor to the Tsuzuki must be a man, they raised Reiji as a boy and insists that she is one. Because her eccentric parents have raised her as a boy, she behaves a lot like one. However, since she is in fact a girl, she hates being treated like a boy. Always behaving like a boy, she would love nothing more than to let her feminine side show, but her family interferes in every attempt she makes.


"He who seeks revenge against the world of light" 

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