A powerful as well as complicated spell; that when invoked it surrounds caster in a sheen of violet light which remains visible until the spell dissipates or is cancelled, as the name implies it makes caster almost translucent in appearance; indeed, almost ghastly in fact: The spells effects are very odd in that it effectively makes caster intangible to physical and element or energy-based attacks at the cost of disabling such abilities from caster himself, any he can fight purely with magical spells and abilities while in this state; and he can conversely be only affected by such effects himself, with but a single difference in that caster suffers triple damage from such effects were he to be hit; though luckily for him, he can still use all of his anti-magic abilities and techniques, something which grants caster a very distinct advantage as he is easily capable of countering most spells if need be given his almost unrivaled talent in the Spirit Arts.

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