Spiritual Fusion

This technique is based on the concept of using foreign sources of ki in the pursuit of improving the quality of the ki of a target source. In theory, Martial Arts Cooking developed a method at which one could take ki from an outside item and have it become "injected" into the target of interest, which would lead to that foreign ki becoming part of the target's own ki, literally turning that outside source of energy into the energy of the internal target. For example, user can imbue ki into foreign bodies such as the food they cook in order to strengthen anyone who consumes it beyond any level they could ever assume.

At advanced stages it allows the user to take in the nutrients of any organic substance and use it to restore his energy by absorbing any latent ki energies in any form. Similar to normal eating, the user simply needs to ingest the food like any normal human, and since all forms of matter is merely ki expressed in form their own ki starts to slowly merge with the food they ate, amplifying the nutrients of the food along with the energy it is made out of, and returning their ki and strength back to full strength. There have been times where some users are actually able to consume attacks from opponents, absorbing their energy and recharging their reserves as well.

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