Meditation only done with the eyes open and while going about with normal affairs. It is learning how to be at ease while keeping the mind focused and centered with all elemental energies in balance. If one learns how to do this then they will find themselves capable of seeming miracles. It is done by contemplating the circle, which is a mirror of the soul. The package that contains your very essence. The circle is the complete and total you and yet it stands as an enigma containing vast worlds inside you that transcend your imagination. Your job is to study this circle and make it resemble you but you are not to strain yourself or force the image to change it will appear when summoned and vanish when dismissed up until you solve the puzzle and achieve full unification after which it will be no longer necessary. The circle is the air, the circle is fire, the circle is water, the circle is earth, the circle is void. When the riddle is solved it will be the first step of the road towards becoming enlightened.

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