Rena Sendou
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The Five Archangels, Lucifer's Group.

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8 February

Rena Sendou, also known as Remiel is a fictional character in the fanfic Minkei. She's first introduced as one of the five fallen archangels chosen by Lucifer at the Divine Design and later became one of the best friends of the SNDF living at the Tendo Dojo. She's the Archangel Guider of Souls of the Apocalypse.

Background Edit

Rena was abused by her step-father and her mother never listened to her. She told her mother to leave that man to which she only replied "don't call him that man"

Abilities Edit

  • PrecognitionRemiel has visions of the future.

Soul Manipulation Edit

  • Soul Stealing: she can steal the souls of her enemies and traps them within her dolls.
  • Living Dolls ArmyRemiel can summons dozens of her dolls as if they were living things and orders them to attack her enemies.

Divine Design Card Edit

  • Angel of Apocalypseas one of the archangels, her card is one of the strongest which granted her more power to her abilities. 

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