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A form of alchemy centered on a concept called the "Dragon's Pulse" which speaks of the earth itself having a constant flow of chi (life energy) which flows metaphorically from the tops of mountains down to the land, nourishing everything it passes with that energy as does blood coursing through the veins. Using this concept, Alchemist are capable of a high level of medical transmutation - transmitting chi through the pathways of the human body to cure mild ailments as well as minor injuries - and can even project their transmutations over long distances and wide areas by accessing and guiding that current to their own means with Purification Circles and markers.

The idea of " Rentanjutsu" is built on the practice of fashioning elixirs and, therefore, is mainly used for medicinal purposes; as such, the focus of the craft is the discovery of the Elixir of Life - the key to immortality and eternal vigor.

This form of alchemy was said to be discovered in china, Four hundred years ago, the practices which would give rise to this alchemy could not be truly called "alchemy" at all, but a series of misguided attempts at mystical healing through the ingestion of various substances. In fact, it is said that three whole generations of the imperial family died from ingesting mercury because they believed that it promoted longevity. It wasn't until a mysterious figure they call "The Philosopher of the West", appeared with his alchemical teachings that Rentanjutsu was born - created from a melding of the new teachings and the old metaphysical healing practices.

Dragon's PulseEdit

There exists a flow of life energy within the earth (signified by the mystical dragon), flowing metaphorically from the tops of mountains down to the land, nourishing everything it passes with that energy as does blood coursing through the veins. This energy is called the Dragon's Pulse (or Lung Mei). As such, this energy is prevalent in all things as well and breathes in rhythm with life forms and nature. This philosophy is a central concept to the ancient alchemeric art of Rentanjutsu, it can also be understood and manipulated by those who do not practice the craft. Warriors with enough skill can read the flow of the Dragon's Pulse, thereby becoming not only able to commune with nature and understand their surroundings, but sense the presence and movements of the people and animals around them as well by reading the pulse of life energy within their bodies.

Devouring Earth

Land mines

This is special form of alchemy that makes use of the rentan jutsu Purification Circle. By focusing on the area in front of opponent the alchemist can cause the ground to explode from under them, shooting up spikes, shrapnel, etc a very versatile and surprising technique.

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