Reppuuooi: (れっぷうおおい, lit. Violent Wind Shroud) The shroud in which cloaks bearer in the forces of the
wind offers a large variety of close and long-range attacks and enhancements.

§ Wind Enhanced Speed and Cutting Power: As wind is continually coating his body and weapon, bearer's speed is increased slightly as the speed of his movements are accelerated by the speed of the wind. His swords cutting potential are increased due to the high speeds at which the wind cloaks his blade, allowing him a higher level of cutting power.

§ Shippuufousu: (しっぷうフォース, lit. Gale Force) user slashes his blades out before him, releasing two circular-shaped blades of continually rotating wind that cuts foes at range. Due to the speed of the wind, this attack possesses quite a large amount of cutting force.

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