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Violent Earthquake Fist

The Bakusai Tenketsu is a simply technique that works on the principle that all physical objects have a Breaking Point that you can shatter with a touch. The technique is twofold: on the one hand teaching you to sense and strike that point, on the other hand it fortifies your physical body so that you can withstand the kinetic shock that use of the Bakusai maneuver inevitably creates. The Bakusai Tenketsu requires quite a bit more finesse then say breaking bricks with your fist. You don't need to overpower the bricks to merely break them if you do that then you have an Exploding Point instead of a breaking one, and without sufficient toughening of your defenses you could do yourself real injury.  

The Resshinken actually enshrouds the fist with ki allowing the user to smash everything it comes into contact with. Resshinken requires a substancial amount of control, if the person is unfocused, they may destroy objects unintentionally or significantly injure themselves and others. [1][2] When used against an opponent to effect, because of the ki enshrouded fist the technique can send the person flying several meters with incredible force.[3]


Despite being a natural offensive attack, Resshinken does have other capabilities too. It can be used as a sort of deflective barrier, sending an attacker flying back,[4] or simply breaking apart the actual earth.[5] Immediately the ground begins exploding as if they had used the normal Bakusai Tenketsu, but the blast expands outwards in a cone towards opponent, the explosions and the rocks blast free, growing larger as the cone widens.

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