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Reticulans are elongated non-sapient creatures whose average length for a Reticualan adult runs in the neighborhood of between thirty five and forty feet. They are coloured purple, and have black rings running down intervals on their body. They have massive fangs, though they are arranged in a way similar to that of a constrictor snake instead of a viper or other venomous snake species, presumably carrying venom in them from the way they are designed and green eyes. The male of the species also have four horn-like protrusions on their head. The Reticulans are pure carnivores, whose nature necessitated them eating their food very, very fresh. This has caused certain rumors that some members of that race have acquired a taste for some of the smaller species in the galactic federation. But it has been generally dismissed as a racist rumor.


Using Ki manipulation of their voice to mesmerize a victim.

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