Despite its dark capabilities, Konton Ketsueki can also be beneficial in healing. Revealing Touch is capable of fully using Konton Ketsueki influence over blood to control both Red blood cells, White blood cells and has the capability of controlling the process of Blood Clotting. Whilst Red blood cells allow user to activate certain parts of the body, or provide him extra strength, White blood cells are used to combat infection and poison, whilst the styles ability to control the coagulation of blood allows user to possibly harden his skin and limit his blood flow to a minimum when injuries have been received. It is for this, Konton Ketsueki exists in not only damage, but in empowering the user through completely natural means. Ki is also involved in the process, and users are capable of employing the two to increase blood flow within the body, change its malleability and even regulate the proportion of White to Red blood cells.

Revealing Touch can be utilized to maintain gashes and wounds, as well as prevent loss of blood. More so, it can be used to alleviate blood clots and internal wounds, and can prove to be beneficial in life-or-death situations. Revealing Touch can also help in cardiac arrest, as it can be utilized in helping the heart beat if it were to stop by manipulating blood into and out of the heart.

By converting a mixture of blood stored within user and chi, Revealing Touch is capable of producing a sphere of light to heal those of user’s choosing. This sphere of blood and energy can be used to treat both external and internal injuries. It is vital to match the amount of energy used to the severity of the affliction or injury. When used in combination with Bloody Needle Ranma can transfer his chi it to the wounded person, healing them. This technique allows him to heal a great number of persons simultaneously regardless of distance. 

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