186px-Rise PSI



The power to strengthen one’s senses, physical strength and natural healing. Rise powers can be subdivided into three types: "sense", "strength," and "healing".

Sense-type Rise increases the 5 senses of the user (sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch) to extraordinary levels and also increases the user's reflexes.

Strength-type Rise focuses on the user's physical body, increasing the body's physical strength, speed, and endurance. It can simply be referred to as Super Human Strength.

Healing-type Rise ties into Strength-type but focuses more towards the body's endurance. When trained properly, the user can reduce the amount of damage being taken and how long it will take for their body to recover from damage such as a large cut or bruise. There are types of people that can "share their rise to another person and heal their body instead of their own."

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