Roanapur is a city in Thailand where most of the population are criminals. 

Information Edit

After the Vietnam War, Roanapur became a city where deserting soldiers and prostitutes ran like wild. thirty-five years ago Roanpur was a dying port town. Today Roanapur is a criminal center that was made by criminals cooperating for single common interest.

Geographic Location Edit

Roanapur is in the geographic location on or very near Trat, Thailand.

Locations Edit

Roanapur is an island with run down streets houses and buildings, including the Yellowflag Bar. It has a mountain section where poorly made houses are situated and a giant Buddha statue with its face eroded away near the harbor.

Groups Edit

The most well known groups in Roanapur are the Rip-off Church, the Triad , and Hotel Moscow. Some of the less well known groups are the Verrocchio and jaws from the Italian mafia, an unnamed crime syndicate, and the CIA.

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