Ruri'iro Kujaku

Azure Peacock

It has the form of an average katana with a bronze cross guard shaped like a German cross and a purple handle. It is a Kidō-type Zanpakutō and is incredibly vain making it hard to wield.

'Fuji' Kujaku: The Shikai command for Fuji Kujaku is "Bloom" (咲け sake). Wielder runs their hand along the length of the blade as it glows a white light and transforms. As Fuji Kujaku, it takes the form of a sickle-shaped blade, or falx, distinguished from the khopesh by the cutting edge being located on the inside. A hinge at the hilt allows it to split into four identical blades. The guard still takes the form of bronze cross and it also retains the purple handle.

Ruri'iro Kujaku: When wielder says the command release "Split and Deviate" (裂き狂え, sakikurue). Ruri'iro Kujaku's blades flare up and transform into a number of glowing peacock feather-like vines. The guard still takes the form of bronze cross and it also retains the purple handle.

Shikai Special Ability: These vines move to grapple and ensnare an opponent. Once the opponent is sufficiently subdued the vines begin to grow energy buds that are being filled with the opponent's ki. The flowers actually use it as a form of power source, siphoning the ki the opponent emits in order to fuel their growth. When the flowers bloom the collected ki is turned against the opponent, either seriously incapacitating them or killing them in the process. By chewing on the petals of the bloomed flowers one's wounds are healed and their ki is revitalized. (It should be noted that the command Split and Deviate is the true release command for Yumichika's Zanpakutō). When the effect is over the vines release the target and shrivel up. The vines then recede back into the hilt and the sealed blade is reconstituted.

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