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Ryoga Hibiki is the father of Godai Hibiki


Ryoga and the other special squad members attempted to aid Kiyama in the escape from XCOM. Though they were able to get away with classified data, the original four ARMS core chips, and genetic material Ryoga was severely injured in a battle with the newly mutated Pantyhose Taro. While he survived his injuries he is confined to a life support wheelchair which is basically a mobile dialysis machine. That uses the principles of the Udan school of Martial Arts Caligraphy. He also aided his wife in setting up the organization EXALT. Ryoga is very reclusive, and is only seen by Nabiki, Shampoo, and his top lieutenants.

When they were found by the ARMs kids Ryoga and Nabiki had a heart to heart talk with Godai apologizing for being unable to be apart of his life. Ryoga even gave Godai his father’s scrolls. After a way was discovered to heal him he had Ranma help him train to get back his fighting trim for the inevitable rematch against Pantyhose Taro leading up to a climactic showdown between the two in the lower levels of Carillon tower. Taro was able to make a very narrow escape but only after receiving very severe injuries. Later, Ryoga tracks him down during the Bandersnatch incident.

Abilities and PowersEdit

While for most of the series he is bound to his wheelchair and, due to his poor health conditions. The wheelchair contains permanent dialysis machine that slowly draws out his blood while treating hit using a process based off of the Udan School ink creation techniques then pumps the blood back into his body. This process has greatly augmented Ryoga’s healing process allowing him to survive his grave injuries.

Using a process similar to how the Chimera’s were created Ryoga had Oni DNA combined with his on using the yaomoniquan essentially making him a hybrid. This increased his regenerative capabilities allowing them to heal all of his wounds. Ryoga also gains unrivaled reserves of ki this combined with the years of Udan Dialysis means that spiritual energy is in his blood and is channeled directly into his musculature, generating incredibly high levels of raw strength. This means that his muscles are powered directly and continuously by elemental energies, which allows him to generate incredible amounts of physical force in their physical blows and techniques. The consequences of this ability in battle are tremendous, even while still training with Ranma to get back his fighting trim and thus not completely 100% Ryoga was able to damage Keith White's core in battle. While unable to defeat him, he proved instrumental for his future death.


Ryoga represents both Keith Blue and Iwao Takatsuki

His abilities are based off of Razor Hibiki from A Tale of Two Wallets

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