Sōjōbō (僧正坊): Named after one of the mythical kings of the tengu. Sōjōbō-class Shikigami serve as reconnaissance and infiltration specialists. While not as combat able as the Bishamonten-class they are used primarily for guerrilla warfare, assassinations, and special strike teams of necessary.

  • Kage Buyo (影舞踊, lit. Shadow Dance): Sōjōbō-class are able to become invisible and completely erase their presence from the perceptions of spiritual beings. While in effect they cannot be seen nor heard and their spiritual power is suppressed. They also possesses some characteristics of being insubstantial while this ability is in effect, even towards other spiritual beings and constructs, allowing it to efficiently spy and gather valuable information for its summoner.

  • Henge (変幻, lit. Transformation): Sōjōbō-class Shikigami are extremely skilled at shapeshifting, being able to flawlessly take on the appearance of others. By touching a target they are able to instantly take on a targets personality, though they remain loyal to summoner.

  • Master Assassin: Sōjōbō-class Shikigami are masters in the arts of assassination. They possess detailed knowledge of anatomy, and are extremely skilled at hiding their prescence even in the midst of combat.

  • Expert Hand-to-hand Combatant: Despite its appearance, Sōjōbō-class Shikigami are highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, making use of their limbs and lightning fast reflexes to great effect in combat to quickly and silently kill its opponents. Sōjōbō-class Shikigami fights using guerrilla tactics, striking from the shadows only to fade away the next instant, making use of misdirection, and feints.

  • Immense Speed: Out of all of Shikigami the Sōjōbō-class are by far the fastest. They are fast enough to create at least one "speed clone" while moving, making them very effective at hit and run or surprise tactics.

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