Sōkatsui Kyūzō (蒼火墜急増, Japanese for Blue Fire, Crash Down - Explosion) By channeling Sōkatsui into his own body the Onmyoji is able to release a very powerful 360' degrees blast of pure Spiritual Force. The ensuing explosion radiates outwards and uses the onmyoji as the epicenter. The spell is powerful enough to instantly vaporize several mid-Class demons. But doesn't have too much effect on singular very powerful opponents.

Sōkatsui Yari (蒼火墜やり, Japanese for Blue Fire, Crash Down - Lance) By directing their palm at an opponent the Onmyoji is able to release a one foot thick lance of blue flames towards a single target: The spell is strong enough to instantly incinerate those whom take a direct hit, though it moves slowly, so its best used when the opponent is immbolized.

Sōkatsui Oō (蒼火墜覆う, Japanese for Blue Fire, Crash Down - Wrap) With this spell. The Onmyoji can augment their aura with Sōkatsui so that everyone in their immediate vicinity is affected by gradually escalating burns. Not to mention that every physical strike is enhanced to the point that it deals great amounts of damage if it hits, commonly burning away patches of flesh. And actually causing it to "Sear" its way trough skin, Spiritual Power and Armor with strict ease.

Sōkatsui Hato (蒼火墜はと, Blue Fire, Crash Down - Dove) This spell is a very powerful variation of the traditional Sōkatsui spell, and it basically transmutes a portion of the Onmyoji’s energy into several Doves of blue flame, that they can grant extra speed by sprouting one or in rarer cases, two extra wings on their backs. Each "Dove" has great destructive properties, as only one is capable of levelling a respectable amount of woodland with a single explosion.

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