Phoenix (demigod - Saffron maintains a definite divine status, which puts into question his origins. Doppler Thaeramon theorizes that Saffron is actually the bastard offspring of Gona, an ancient of fire)


Phoenix Mountain and surrounding terroritories in the mountain ranges of China, including lands formerly belonging to the Musk

Combat Abilities

Possesses speed and strength difficult to match, as well as an inexhaustible affinity for fire magic. Can regenerate normally "fatal" wounds without trouble, and even if killed, will return to life if his regenerative abilities are not neutralized. The Phoenix Stone has amplified Saffron's natural abilities so that he maintains his adult form at all times, at greater than full power.

The master of the Phoenix tribe in China, Saffron used to be a lofty but rational ruler that tended to mind his own business. However, due to the influence of a magical artifact, Saffron grew more powerful and began to slowly grow more aggressive, seizing land for himself and helping the demon armies wipe out the nearby Musk. Saffron has since then been restless, but mostly satisfied with his territories. Unfortunately, a number of recent attacks by the invisible zombie assassins, the jakku, threw his lands into chaos, and threatened Phoenix Mountain itself, forcing Saffron to take action to protect himself and his territory. Saffron was killed by Rayden Shikodan while the Phoenix King was engaged in a battle with Ranma Saotome, right before his entire kingdom was overrun by Genex Karl's undead army (under Doppler's command).

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