Saizou Tofuuin


Fuuga, Fuuchouin East House, Ura-Fuuchouin

Other Names

Red String




Tofuuin (東風院 祭蔵 Tōfūin Saizou) is a friend of Kazuki Fuuchouin and former member of his group, Fuuga. He was also a member of the Fuuchouin Clan from the East House.

Background Edit

Saizou was a very talented kid from the Eastern Fuchouin School and was able to defeat most of the children in the East Fuchouin House. As he won the tournament, he requests a match against the head family's eldest son, Kazuki. His father tells him his out of line but Saizou claims that he wants to show that the Eastern techniques are even better of those of the main head family. Kazuki agrees to battle against him. Saizou first believed Kazuki was a girl because of the long kimono. Within a blink, Kazuki destroys everything around Saizou which shocks Saizou. Saizou claims that Kazuki could kill him with that attack but Kazuki says that it will be fun to cross threads against each other.

When he was 11 and the Ura-Fuchouin attacked the other Fuchouin houses, Saizou was the legendary child that killed 19 elite Ura-Fuchouin warriors. At some point, Saizou fought Yohan but was overwhelmed by his god-like power and was taken by him. There, he kept away the Ura-Fuchouin from taking Kazuki so the five can be together and because he knew their plan, he created Fuuga to protect Kazuki. But even though this, Saizou didn't realize that Yohan implanted him the Black Coocoon within his heart. Saizou, sadly, decided to commit suicide since he wasn't able to protect him anymore. Yohan reappeared behind him and tells him that one day Kazuki will go after him along with Sakura, Jubei and Toshiki, meaning the death to all of them. Yohan offers him to work under him to save his friends and reluctantly, Saizou has to accept.

The original idea of creating the Fuuga was voiced by Saizou.

Abilities Edit

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Saizou is an

extremely talented Fuchuouin member of the Eastern house, a talent that comes every thousand years. As master of the Higashi Fuuchouin he possesses a great speed that even the former leader of the Omote Fuuchouin was impressed. He has also demonstrated immense skill in the Ura-Fuchouin materialization technique.

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