Shark Skin

The samehada is described as the most terrifying of all zanpakuto. In its base form, it resembles an ordinary katana.

Shikai: a large sword of comparable size to the Kubikiribōchō. At the tip of Samehada's handle is a small skull. Its actual blade is covered in scales, which causes it to inflict shredding or shaving damage rather than cutting what it comes into contact with. The effect is similar to a shark's skin, hence its name. While it ordinarily remains rigid, Samehada is able to stretch and bend to a great extent, allowing it to be used like a flail.

Shikai Special Ability:

  • Samehada gains nourishment from the energy of others. It is happiest when engorged with energy. Although it constantly feeds off of the ki of its owner, its largest "meals" come from fights wherein it absorbs the ki of its owner's opponents. Such an ability allows Samehada to literally slice through an opponent's attack and even prevent attacks from being performed by absorbing all of the opponent's ki. Samehada grows larger from the energy it absorbs, its scales becoming longer and its mouth, located at the tip of the blade, becoming more pronounced.
  • While the ability to absorb energy is useful in defeating opponents, it is also beneficial to its user. Samehada has the ability to transfer the energy it has absorbed to the wielder by partially fusing with its wielder, so it can be used to either heal the wielder's injuries or replenish their energy reserves. This makes the wielder of this zanpakuto extremely difficult to defeat. It is drawn to others with large energy supplies, allowing it to be used as a sort of sensor.

Bankai: Suirō Sameodori (Water Prison Shark Dance) the wielder completely merges with Samehada. Doing so causes them to become much more shark-like in appearance, growing fins and webbed hands that allow him to move through the water with greater ease. They receive some of Samehada's abilities while in this form, such as being able to extend spikes form his body for attack, and absorbing chakra when others come into contact with him, as well as the ability to track chakra.

Bankai Special Ability: when the bankai is unleashed it calls forth a large amount of water, covering an entire area with crushing, unavoidable waves. The water then forms into a giant orb. Wielder acts as the center of the giant dome of water. The dome shifts in the same direction he moves, making it difficult for his target to escape. This technique gives wielder great field advantage as he can breathe and freely move underwater, while his target drowns.

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