Sanae Kikuta


Ground Maniac





Fighting Style

THR combat

Sanae Kikuta is a DF Gang Member

Personality Edit

Kikuta is a very modest person whose breathing goes wild just by the pressure of a dangerous opponent’s glare. In that weakness lies his strength. It’s because he thinks of his opponent as a superior being that he prepares the most elaborated strategy. And he tries to overcome the difference with exhaustive training. Because of the negative effects of the Hard Muscle prototype Kikuta is in constant pain which makes him unstable, and violent.

Appearance Edit

Kikuta has metal tattoos all over his body

History Edit

Kikuta was once apart of a group considered the outcast of

THR combat techniques. There were those with talent for hitting and those talented in ground techniques. A group where nobody was from a school or a club, only martial arts enthusiasts assembled to exchange fighting techniques. They had no money, but they had a dream. To become strong all together and it’s with this will that they founded their own dojo. Though terrified Kikuta didn’t back down when the Devil Factory showed up. One day Kikuta woke up on a slab with no idea how he got there.

Kikuta was used to test the prototype of the drug Hard Muscle when its negative side effects were discovered Ayame gave him tattoos made of metal to control his power and prevent his skin from splitting.

He was one of the members unleashed to fight Kurumi and Natsume  while Ryouma fought Ryu and Ranma fought Ayame. During the fight Kikuta’s metal tattoos began to fail. It was due to complete luck that the girls got a kick to the head shaking his brain to such an extent that it sent the drug into short remission. It was thanks to that that his life was saved. The doctors where eventually able to create suppressant for the drug. Though there was no permanent damage he currently in physical therapy.

Abilities Edit

Too intellectual to catch, Too elaborate for judo. The only

place this man could shine in would be where you see “the most dangerous matches without rules”.

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