Sand Crawler gives user the ability to manipulate sand. He uses this ability to create quicksand to trap his opponents or to make tendrils out of sand to encase his opponents in to prevent their movements. He can increase the strength of the sand until its almost like solid rock, so it's too hard for the enemy to escape

Shield of Sand

Whenever user is about to come to harm, a shield of sand will automatically surround and protect him. The sand will react regardless of user's will. The shield is capable of withstanding considerably strong attacks and projectiles, and can be hardened to a point where it's stronger than steel. It can be defeated by avoiding it completely with extremely high-speed attacks or merely overcoming the shield with incredible brute force.

Sphere of Sand

User surrounds himself with his Shield of Sand to guard against attacks. In addition to being extremely dense, this sand-sphere can form spikes from its surface to spear any would-be attacker. With sufficient force this defense can be broken through.

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