"I use very dense and high frequency vibrations to shelter my body, revitalizing it to its max. Since I'm inside this shell, even if you want to burn me, your hado will never reach. In other words, nothing's going to work on me, nor can anything stop me now. I can't hold back anymore, either."

Ranma Saotome


264px-Yuuki and Scarlet Phoneme
This technique was created in an effort to mimic/combat the advanced stages of hado. it increases both users offensive and defensive capabilities. It is done by creating high density frequency around user’s entire body; his skin turns scarlet red, pupils turn black, irises turn yellow and his hair turns white. He is able to emit vibrations around over his body automatically without him being the one emitting it. The vibrations are so dense that they vibrate through the ground to the point where he is able to cause great damage to the surrounding area.

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