Getbackers vol06 054 byaaah

Also Known as

Drug 0256-MI21

Dermal Armor

A drug treatment named after the chronic systemic autoimmune disease. The intensive drug injections fortify the subject’s cellular structure allowing them to gradually increase the hardness and durability of their skin until it reaches a near impenetrable armored state. This allows the subject to withstand devastating amounts of damage that would kill any normal human many times over and make them impervious to nearly all of attacks. Scleroderma does not harden the entire dermis but only the area of injection, furthermore the level of durability is dependent on the amount of injections the subject takes. It took six months of intensive drug injections for Ryoma to turn his arm into pure steel. In this state his can slice through virtually anything.

Notes Edit

Scleroderma eventually became the base chemical for Project Blockbuster.

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